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We Are Flying Solo

March 14, 2011

Something About Good Things And Waiting

Yes, there were good things this weekend. 

Saturday brought us a two hour hack in the sunny woods. It was marvelous -- both because of the spring warmth and green grass and because a month ago, Solo couldn't walk for 20 minutes without exhaustion. Now, though, his bright trot and eager canter are making their way back and it warms my heart.

Ahhh, the peacefulness in the jingle-swish-clop of our trail ride sounds. The seranade of the Carolina wren: teakettle-teakettle-teakettle. The serenity....


Oh yeah, and they're putting in a new gas line back there too.

Sunday...Solo made his return to the cross country field! The stamina is not back yet, but with lots of breaks, he was jumping well and taking it all like an old hat. He offered a steady lead to the greenies and stayed soft in the bridle the whole time with cool confidence. And the best part of all? HELMET CAM! My apologies for some unsteadiness that resembles riding in an earthquake -- my schooling helmet needs some extra padding, it's feeling a bit loose these days. Maybe my head shrank when worry caused mass die-off of brain cells?

This one is a particular triumph of mine. I have been eyeing this overturned boat for three years. It's a Training level fence that is high and wide and just looks intimidating from every angle and I have wanted to jump it with burning jump-lust. Today, well, it was time. As you can tell from my big dorky whoop, yeah, it was good.

Next we have a particular gem -- the video starts with BO and her green TB, Evan, doing their first down bank into water. Evan's labrador belly-flop illustrates his signature jumping style and I think he found the splashing quite satisfactory. Then Solo and I go up and down the larger bank with some splashing of our own. No, I have no idea what is blowing across the lens in the beginning. It was about 70 degrees, so I am pretty sure it's not snow.

It feels damn good to be on the way back.


  1. Wow, that looks like awesome fun! Solo is taking those fences like an old pro - what a great feeling that must be!

  2. Thank you! Yes, jenj, it feels REALLY good. I remain hopeful that April will see us on course for real.

  3. Aw, picturing a belly flopping horse *snicker*
    So happy for you guys to be back out there!

  4. It looks like strands of your hair blowing in front of the camera in the second video. Do I get a prize if I'm right?

    So glad you too are back in action. You're my heroes.

  5. wow I am major J, it is snowing XC schooling for at least a month :(
    the helmet cam is mega awesome btw :)

  6. Alana, I could not hold back my giggles.

    SB, I think you are right, that's the only thing I could figure too. You get...umm...vindication?

    CM, thanks!

  7. Awesome helmet cam footage! You two are doing great. And guess what! You'll just keep getting BETTER!!:))

  8. Wow, how much fun does THAT look like??? I have never gotten to jump ANY cross-country jumps, and I sure would like to. I don't think I'd be scared on a confident horse who had been there/done that (and as long as jumps were under 3', LOL). Hope I get to try it some day!

  9. Ooooooooo, FUN! I would LOVE to get Certs out of the ring and do some XC, but we sadly do not have a single cross country course anywhere down here. So, I'll have to live vicariously through your helmet cams (congrats by figuring out how to get them on Youtube, btw)!

  10. Thank you all! RW, you are right -- the horse makes ALL the difference. Solo is the only one I trust because we know each other inside and out.

    Frizz, I did get them up. However editing them has still proved impossible, sigh.

  11. I can SEE it this time! That looks like so much fun, glad Solo is coming back to himself!

  12. last comment was me apparently signed in on hubby's account :p

  13. FUN!!!
    I'm with checkmark -> JEALOUS!! We have at LEAST a month before we can xc school.

  14. Thanks, y'all! I hope the fun will keep coming!

  15. I love the "burning jump lust" I get that from time to time too.


  16. They just call to you, don't they??