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We Are Flying Solo

All About Us -- A Work In Progress

The Human

Who Is Eventer79?
Adult amateur event rider with a full time job chasing fish!

What Is This All About?
There is no eventing without the people & horses who surround you.  Team Flying Solo is about being an adult amateur, putting your horse first, & listening closely along the way.

Bragging Rights:
Still alive.

Ninja powers, freaky intuition, procrastination

Player 1:  Solaris

Photo by Pics of You

Player 2:  A Point Beyond

Oct 2021
Who: Solo
What: Appendix QH
How: Fairy Magic
Height: 16.0 h
DOB: Feb 1996
Highlight: Completing Training XC
course, 2011 VA Horse Trials!
Who: Mouse
Jockey Club Name: Stephanopoulos
What: OTTB
How: Stephanoatsee x Tanivan (Wiseman's Ferry)
Height: 16.1 h
DOB: 5 May 2017
Highlight: New team member!

Alumnus:  Away Again

Who: Encore
Jockey Club Name: Joyous Jester
What: CANTER MA Thoroughbred
How: Crowd Pleaser x Tettau (Allens Prospect)
Height: 16.2 h
DOB: 8 Apr 2005
Highlight: Finished 2013 at Training HT!

Alumnus:  Intensive Harmony

July 2018
Who: Echo
Jockey Club Name: Intensive Harmony
What: OTTB
How: Zanjero x G Harmony (Golden Missile)
Height: 16.2 h
DOB: 29 Mar 2014
Highlight: Ate everything I owned

Proud Member of Area II Adult Riders