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We Are Flying Solo

December 18, 2011

Weekend Update


No, I didn't fall off again. Damn, I hate that I have to put "again" at the end of that sentence. The cloud of "fall-down-go-boom" still lingers over my shoulder. Or is that behind my knee...

But today, the reason my whole body hurts has a name. And that name is David. Now, before your mind goes slinking off to the gutter (don't go there, I'm pretty sure his wife, Lauren, can beat me up six ways to Sunday), let me elaborate.

I like to torture my horses with clippers.
Saturday saw a bleary-eyed me pointing Encore into the trailer at o-dark-hundred to tromp down to SoPines and meet David for a XC school. I wasn't quite awake when we arrived, but once that cold wind blew down the back of my vest I found a new level of alertness.

The next 45 minutes were...wonderfabulubulous. One word wouldn't cover it, so I had to smash a few together.

We were the only lessoners that morning, which means David had us at his mercy. When you are alone with him, this encompasses your breaks to catch your breath:

David: Ok, let him walk for a minute.

Me (mentally): Whew.

One and a half walk strides later --

David: Ok, let's canter to the log then turn to this ditch and canter back to the stone wall...

Me: So much for breathing.

I didn't realize how hard I was working until I got up this morning.   Or rather, until I tried to stand up this morning and my legs screamed for mercy. 

Encore, on the other hand, was a professional phenom.  So much so that by the end of the lesson, David was really excited about him, labeling him, "a really lovely package, with an incredible mind and a wonderful eye."

Mm'kay, when a four-star rider gets psyched about my horse, well, this is new to me, so it makes my brain skip in circles like a happy little clapping bunny.  Yes, a bunny, roll with it.

I don't see David get really excited very often -- encouraging, yes, but very calm and easy-going. 

"Do you know what I have to do to have him canter along in a great, perfect little rhythm like that?" I asked him.

"What's that?"  He humoured me.

"NOTHING!"  I shouted with glee.  "He just gives it to me!"  David giggled with me and it was great to share this step in Encore's education with someone else who knew just how special that kind of horse is.

Once he masters some details, like, uh, bending and canter transitions, this guy is going to be unstoppable.  I can't wait until spring!

PS: Dear Universe, please do not take my enthusiasm as an invitation to smite me.  Your lessons in humility, pain tolerance, and patience have been well-learned, I promise.  Please please please let Encore just be a happy, healthy horse who gets to go have fun with me and run and jump things.  It makes him happy and it makes me happy and there's really no harm in that.  Thank you.


  1. The Universe will comply! And the journey will be fabulous! Your blog made me smile! Thanks...

  2. I need a David to kick my butt into gear.

  3. Sounds so amazing. I cannot wait to watch you to soar your way through the levels!

  4. I hope it listens, Suzanne!

    Dom, all you have to do is haul your horse to NC, LOL!

    Amy, I hope hope hope we get to do that!

  5. Waredaca T3D?? Is that you calling??

  6. Bahahaha, no, Alana, don't let the universe hear you!!!!

  7. Yay! What a wonderful lesson! Good boy Encore! :-)

  8. David sounds awesome! Does he travel, by chance?

    And I will send good thoughts to the Universe that it hears you and complies!

  9. We all need a good ass-kicking from our instructors once in a while! :-) If you aren't sore, ya didn't work hard enough (says the girl who hasn't had a riding lesson in the better part of ten years!).
    Poor Encore, he's such a good boy and you go and give him a funny hair-cut. ;-)

  10. Thanks!

    And jenj, he does when Lauren lets him, LOL. Actually he does give clinics. I am sure if there were enough people interested and an organizer, he would be happy to consider making an appearance. He is uber-fantastic, we love him.

  11. Frizz, I tell him it's good for his character.

  12. Awesome!! I hope the universe is tuned in.

  13. Thanks! Now I just wish our flatwork would feel that good, but I suppose one can't have it all at once.

  14. I'm jealous, I wish my mare had you're canter. We are like a speeding bullet or unstoppable train.