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We Are Flying Solo

May 16, 2012

When Is Naptime Again?

There are so many things I want to write for you, so many "almost ready" posts to breathe life back into the blog.  I am just trying to figure out how to do that while trying to be four people at once. 

I am, for some reason, expected to show up at work in order to get a paycheck (entirely unreasonable, I think), so there goes 40 hours.  The horses, well, who knows how many hours that is. 

Dealing with life itself, that can't even be counted in hours.

If you haven't already clicked over to Facebook to follow Team Flying Solo there, I am putting up extra content for you to have fun with because it's just a little bit faster. 

Everything Encore is pretty much in slow motion until a thousand million seconds pass and we meet with the Equine Sports Medicine Man at NCSU.  And after tonight's ride, I know we'll have to keep it slow until then.

Which means I have some time to get on Solo again; Solo, who has reduced from hippopotamus to normal horse size since the move, which is nice (unfortunately, Encore has been subject to the same phenomenon, dang TBs) so a little work has been done for me. 

So I think tomorrow, we'll put his boots on, I'll swing a tired leg over his back and settle into my favourite home for a very familiar ride. 

I can't wait.


  1. Perhaps Solo & Encore can give Maddie, my co-worker's Welsh Pony/Arab, some weight loss tips, LOL. She's got the fat pony butt going on. And BTW, if you know anyone in the market for an uber-cute WP/Arabian I can hook you up ;) Hang in there with Encore & hope you have a sweet lil ride on the big red man, Solo.

  2. You sound worn out. I hope you can take some time to rejuvinate yourself. Hoping for good news reguarding Encore and I hope Solo appreciates his time with you and you have fun. I can really relate with the weight balancing act. I have 3 horses that look at food and get overweight then I have 2 that I struggle to keep at a healthy weight and I have to practically spoon feed in order to get them to eat enough. Pretty much a pain.

  3. I'll share the beer I need to have before riding out anyways... Sounds like you need it right before your nap.

    Enjoy your solo man. :)

  4. Blue, the trick is to make her a TB with my metabolism, then put her on sparse grass with mature fescue hay. I am trying to set a record for most sources of fat purchased at feed store at one time.

    Amy, worn out is an understatement. I hope we will be getting some relaxing time soon, but much depends on what Mr. Wizard says on Wednesday.

    SB, that sounds like a good plan.

    I did very much enjoy my Solo man -- I have finally come to terms that his limits are what they are and he just won't be able to do what he once did, so I am free to cut him a lot of slack and enjoy the results of five years of training. He always makes me smile, even when it's tinged with regret. But even the other people at the barn see how special he is and everyone loves him and he eats it up!