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We Are Flying Solo

October 18, 2015

Help Me Help You! Sharing Struggles?

The almighty Google Webmaster has been telling me that there are many sharing fails occurring on the desktop version of our site.

Please help me quench the wails of anguish: I've tested both sets of sharing buttons in 3 browsers in both mobile & desktop platforms & can't seem to break it (make that ONE thing in my life that works).

Share your input so I can make everything better! Please add any relevant (or irrelevant, that's how we roll, after all...) info in the comments.

Do You Struggle With Sharing?


  1. I selected other, because I don't share anything on social media at all. I love your blog, but I just don't hit the share button on anything because I'm not inclined to. If you know what I mean? When I do share something you posted with someone else it's a direct link to a post, and in a Hangout Message, Email or Text Message. That always works very fine for me, and it is personal rather than a blanket blast.

    1. No worries! I have almost no bar for getting offended (um, that makes sense in my head). :D Hence the nonsense option, hee.

    2. PS thanks for sharing any of my crazed ramblings! <3