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We Are Flying Solo

May 30, 2010

It's Really Damn Hot. And Other Stories.

Like 90% humidity hot. Like my bone marrow is sizzling when I get off the horse hot. You know when you leave onions in the skillet for too long and they just turn into this syrupy goo? Yeah, that's what my brain is.

Oh, you wanted to hear about a horse trial? Oh yeah, we did one of those today. It was hot. Did I mention that? In a small mercy, at least we were done by noon.

I did manage to rope in invite a friend to hold the video camera and such so there is evidence! But since it goes through my PC first, I get to delete all the ones where I look like a baboon having a seizure on horseback. HaHA!

Shall I tell it in order or save the good part for last (no, the good part does not involve a blue ribbon, but it still makes me squeeeee!)? Hmmm, well, the alarm went off. I cursed at the earlyness. Morning is the devil's time, you know. Then I stumbled to the back door to let Smokey out. Oh, you want the HORSE part? *sigh* So demanding.

I barely refrained from beating people senseless in dressage warmup. Apparently, on their planet, there is nothing wrong with parking your horse smack on the track and just sitting there, staring glassy-eyed off into the universe. As if there aren't six other horses trying to warm up in a very small space. OMFG. I confess, in a feat of heat and rage, I just shot them glares and muttered curses instead of being adult and saying something. I am so weak...

Oh and the Novice dressage arena was on the grass. In the middle of the cross country field. So upon walking over to it, Solo went, "OH YAY TIME FOR GALLOPY JUMPY!" And I went, "Uh, no no, please, NO!"

Then something impossible happened. After stomping around (did I mention it was hot and I may or may not completely lose my mind in heat?) hopelessly unable to find a ring steward, I finally was able to connect with the judge to find out, yes, I was next. So I entered at A. And I felt my horse click. He went, "Oh, ok, dressage arena. Ho hum, I guess it's time to do dressage then." And popped into a springy trot. Completely ignoring all tantalizing logs nearby for the rest of the test. OMG, my horse is learning how to be an eventer.


Do you know what that is? Good part: THAT'S A 33.9, BABY! As in a whole new record for Solo. As in an 8 on the extended walk, which is the multiplier (movement whose points get doubled in your final score) for this test, so we got 16 points for that. As in it wasn't even really that great of a ride for him as he stayed a bit stiff. As in next time will be even better.

As in we're sitting in second place after dressage. And that made my day.


  1. Good deal! Can't wait to hear more!

  2. I love how Solo rocks the mohawk in the dressage ring... he's too cool for school and he knows it!
    You guys look great, can't wait to hear about the rest.

  3. WOOHOO!! You guys looked great! My family are all wondering why I suddenly burst out clapping over here. :) I hope the rest goes just as wonderfully!

  4. Thank you!

    molly, Solo was wishing he was cool today! Poor sweaty beast...

    ROFL Amanda, thanks for your clapping, it means a lot!

  5. Great ride!. You guys have come so far. Thanks for the video of the whole test.

  6. I fully agree with the SQUEEEEE!!!!

  7. Awesome test!!! Solo did great and what a sweet free-walk! I think he was checking out the

  8. Hahaha, inspecting for clover morsels, probably!

  9. You guys look amazing out there! I can only hope that McKinna will be anywhere NEAR that quiet and relaxed in the dressage ring.

    A girl can dream, right?

  10. Thanks, mm! If it will make you feel better I have plenty of other pictures from times gone by of Solo hauling me around like a nutter in the dressage arena going "What's a half halt??" while my teeth are gritted and he flings his nose about in protest of the torture.