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We Are Flying Solo

May 29, 2010

Silly Videos And Schooling Attempts

First off, Solo wanted to send a wise look with his readers, with a little help from my best girl, Smokey.  Smokey is a 15 year old German Shepherd/Collie mix that we picked up from the pound at 8 weeks old.  She was one of my 4-H dogs, won all our showmanship and conformation classes, and has been a wonderful friend.  I can't believe she has been as healthy as she is, but that dog has never been sick or hurt a day in her life -- I told her I would keep feeding her as long as she promised to live forever.  Best. Dog. Ever. Although I do hate that I sound like an idiotic 15-year-old on videos. Cannot be helped, I suppose.

If you've glanced at our calendar, you know that Solo and I are off to a schooling horse trial this Sunday at a nearby farm. We won the Beginner Novice division here last fall, complete with bucket of goodies, so now I have been spoiled. Solo's jumped every jump which will be on our course, except for one, which is a white bench in a window frame that I don't believe will cause any problems. We have, I believe, conquered our liverpool issues, so the liverpool jump this organizer loves to place on the Novice stadium course should be a breeze. We've been schooling jumping widths up to about 4', so her equally beloved giant wide oxers ought to roll on by.

I feel as prepared as I can be. I would have liked to have another dressage lesson beforehand, but the budget put its foot down. Here is our final attempt at schooling our test this evening. Canine obstacles were provided free of charge. BO offers background commentary as my complimentary eyes on the ground, er, on the back of her horse. If you have any constructive suggestions, feel free to share!


  1. Good luck!! I thought Solo looked good, especially with all the doggy distractions.

  2. I still feel so guilty about not getting that video of your dressage test from CHP to you...
    Aw, Smokey reminds me so much of my Max (border collie), who I lost in January at age 13 after battling pemphigus (which the vet said would kill him by 4, 5 at the latest) and finally succumbing to cancer. Give her a big hug from me and tell her it was from some strange girl over towards the coast!
    Solo looks lovely as always, but I won't insult you by giving any feedback and making it sound like I know what I am talking about when I obviously haven't a clue!
    Good luck,and I am assuming there will be tons-o-pics when you guys get back with those blues?

  3. Good luck, I'll be waiting for my show report.

  4. Awww, so sorry about Max, Alana, that's so sad! But it sounds like he beat the odds.

    Thanks, y'all for the good wishes, I will have a report soon, I hope....