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We Are Flying Solo

July 29, 2010

Where Did Solo Go?

I have not disappeared, I am simply buried between long, hard days at work and putting a new floor in my house by myself. Even my fingers are sore at the end of the day, I swear to god this project will be the death of me. But I'm nearly done and will be back soon.

For now, I remain ever grateful to my BO. It's still nastily hot outside, but Solo gets to spend the worst days inside in front of his fan while still getting to spend all night out wandering about his pasture so he is not locked up and eternally bored, but at the same time, not being the active ingredient in a horsey boil.


  1. Putting a floor in is a big job. Good for you. Glad Solo is keeping cool.

  2. Thanks, UOAE, it is a big job!!!