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We Are Flying Solo

August 24, 2010

So Much To Do, So Little Time

Ever feel like you are juggling 12 balls in the air at once and although it seems to be going ok, if you dare to blink, they will all crash to the floor?

Yeah, that's what now is.  So much to plan and prep for! 

Operation Belly Burner is going well:  I can actually see my horse's ribs when he is moving now, turns out the fat did not dissolve them after all!  He continues to improve on the longe, giving me longer periods of stretching trot into the vienna reins and three (!!!) laps of canter at a time.  He has rhythm like a freaking metronome and is moving well.

We are officially registered for a Becky Holder long format clinic in early October. It has come at a perfect time; I was really despairing on how we were ever going to learn how to do all those fun extras like steeplechase. No one in my area really has a track set up, but lo and behold an email falls in my inbox from a new farm just over the border in SC about this clinic. It's like the heavens are psychic and we are IN!

I have NINE DAYS left before I leave for mum and I's Grand Ecuador Adventure. Omg omg OMG!!

After I get back from Ecuador, it's all prep for the clinic and for our first horse trial of the fall season: Halloween weekend at the Virginia Horse Trials!

So -- tell me about your balls! Hahahhaha, yes, I HAD to say it!


  1. Dr Bob had a lot to say about Pete's now much smaller but still visible belly. He liked it. He likes it for endurance. He says it acts like a reserve and is often overlooked in over-trained (endurance) horses. The little bit of belly can make the difference between finishing and getting pulled.

    Nothing what so ever to do with balls but a tidbit on project hay-belly.

  2. Now, see, that makes sense -- they have to have something extra to burn otherwise they'll just start burning organ tissue!

  3. Let's see... the first show is now under our belt (two 4th place ribbons and a happy, enthusiastic, LISTENING pony). Which leaves....

    - riding, keeping up with my regular weekly lesson is about to become all but impossible
    - the whole wife and mother thing, apparently they'd like to see me sometimes?
    - school, back at it, still trying for that BSc, still full time, classes start Sep 7
    - work, apparently they'd still like me to show up, and are making it a prerequisite to paying me... the nerve!

    So yeah, the guy at the gas station the other day was right - I've got a lot of balls! ;)

  4. My "balls" include the following:

    ~ Work. Bleck. :-P
    ~ Possibly going back to school (?!)
    ~ Looking for new job
    ~ Attempting to shed some pounds brought on by overindulgence of Drumsticks due to stress & 4 months with no barn time
    ~ Fitting in some riding here and there
    ~ Spending hours obsessing over which saddle I should buy, despite the massive amounts of nonexistent $$$ that I will have to fork over

    OMG, you're gonna have so much fun in Ecuador!! Never been there, but any trip that involves ponies is, by definition, awesome!

  5. It appears the consensus is that showing up at work is an irritating distraction to horse time. And I fully agree.

    suma, I'm LOL about gas station guy. Maybe he was jealous!

    Frizz, I understand the Drumstick weakness. I have this problem with gummy bears. And chips. And Twizzlers. Oh, and brownies. OMG, who am I kidding, I have this problem with whatever fits in my mouth.

  6. Yours are MUCH more interesting! Two words stuck out and made me all dreamy.
    Oh the bliss!

  7. Jane, I am endlessly amused that the word metronome was the one that caught your eye.... :-P