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We Are Flying Solo

November 7, 2010

Saddle For Sale!

Wintec Dressage Pro.  Excellent condition.  Kept cleaned and covered at all times.  Wool flocked!  NO CAIR. I had my saddle fitter rip out the CAIR and replace with the wool.

18" seat with changeable gullet system.  Wide, Medium Wide, and Medium gullets included (or any one of your choice if you don't want all three).   

60" black stirrup leathers included.  Leather with nylon lining to prevent stretch.  Also in excellent condition, nice heavy duty leather looks new.

Cotton saddle cover included.

This saddle has a nice balance and comfortable seat.  Great for schooling and easy to clean up for shows.  Want to try out dressage?  Want to trail ride in comfort but don't like Western saddles?  Have a young horse or one who changes shape often?  Drop me an email!

I am asking $350 + $25 shipping/handling. I am sorry, I cannot do trials, I am only shipping this saddle once. But Wintecs are extremely easy to resell, especially these rare wool flocked ones, so don't worry about getting stuck with something you can't unload.


  1. if only you was in new zealand haha, i may need a new saddle for my new horse soon

  2. Hahahha, hurricanes, that would be a lot of shipping!!

  3. So tempting.. but I can't afford a new saddle til the end of the month at best. >__<

    I'm sure this will delight someone though!

  4. Curse you and your tempting eventing ways, lovely stories, eventing vest (hint hint) and the fact that I want an 18" Wintec Pro dressage with wool flocking for Bails and I....but am dead broke. You are a bad influence.

    After Mojo passed I hadn't been onto any horse blogs in awhile, so...your trip pictures were lovely and that horse trial sounded like a blast!

  5. Alana, I am a HORRIBLE person! Please don't hate me! I do have the vest at my house now and I am trying to find a box that will fit it!!! I am soooooo sorry that I have not sent it yet.

  6. lol, no worries, I am not exactly leaping over xc courses in need of one! In fact, I am not going over crossrails, or canter circles... or doing anything productive lol!