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We Are Flying Solo

November 9, 2010

Photographic Proof!

Or proofs, should I say.  Yes, the evidence is up!  All your favourite ridiculous faces and moments from Mr. Shiny are displayed, thanks to the handiwork of the always-fantastic Brant Gamma. Thirty-one shots, to be precise, of our stadium and cross country performance at the 2010 Virginia Horse Trials. I may just have to order a digital copy of our trakehner jump. Oh, and the definitive evidence that Solo is Jesus (can you spot it?).

I will take it as a good sign for the future that looking at the cross country pictures, all the Novice jumps look so, well, little...


  1. Those are really incredible-you both look absolutely fantastic!! Great job:)

  2. Hilaaaaarious faces, especially in SJ!
    The XC course looks like so much FUN! Gorgeous countryside, too/
    I like #30; #15 is great, too, if ya don't mind the whole top-of-your-head-being-chopped-off thing.

  3. Thank you!!! ROFL, Frizz, I laughed pretty hard at the SJ ones too. Did that lady TRY to get every shot with my eyes closed while I was whistling a folk tune?

  4. He walks on water!!! Can he turn it into wine, too? That would really make him earn his keep.

  5. I bow to you mad skills. My horse sinks in water. Water walking would come in very handy in certain situations where your buddies in TALL horses take you through extremely deep puddles.

  6. You guys both look so great! What fun pictures!

  7. Great pictures! I liked most of them, but the Trakener (I can't spell) ones were definitely the best.

    I was clicking through thinking, "Well, he's shiny and gorgeous, but I certainly wouldn't call him Jesus..." until I saw the water pictures. Nice!

  8. The pictures are great! I love the trotting on water photo, not only is it miraculous but holy cow look at that trot! And, seriously do you rub vaseline all over him to get him that shiny or what?? Thanks for sharing!

  9. Thanks, y'all!

    lh, you know you love a free footwash, don't lie.

    SP, I'd be more into it if he could turn his water trough into a beer keg.

    SB, thank you for making water shoot out my nose.

    Amanda, I fear that could cause problems with saddle fit and slippage...

  10. When(if?) you get a CD would love a copy of #27 (8x10)....If not would like to order one...Fabulous shots! I always wondered if it was possible to do an entire course with eyes closed - congrats!

  11. I won't get the CD -- it would be nice, but too much money right now. But you are welcome to order whichever ones you like! :-)

    (keeping your eyes closed means you can't see when you mess up)

  12. I love the Jesus shots! And that trot is spectacular. I have still never ordered a professional picture. I should really do that.
    this is my favorite, though you can see that I totally got left behind. Man that pony can try when he wants to!

    Since I'm still obsessed with horse boots, how have yours been performing?

  13. You *have* to buy and frame his walking on water. Spectacular shot! You can run your own clinics on water-walking! Travel the country! Make beaucoup bucks to pour back into eventing!

    It's super natural horsemanship. :)

    I love the other photos too. You must be SO proud.

  14. Lexie, that is a great effort from your pony, what a cool picture!! I still love my horse boots too, I still get excited every time I pull them off and they are dry!

    TLH, it's god-like horsemanship, I'm thinking. Maybe I can convince people to buy Solo's extra-magical used horseshoes at an extra-magical price!!!