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We Are Flying Solo

May 13, 2011

Keeping Track

I may or may not be an eensy teensy bit OCD (shush now, lifeshighway). I like to plan. Although generally my plans become playthings of the fates. I like to colour-code. Although there always seems to be one more category than I have colours.

Solo has a Google calendar (of course he does) but it frustrated me endlessly that I could only view one month at a time. I wanted multiple months viewable at once so I could get an at-a-glance feel for things and I didn't want them to be tiny.  So I may or may not have heard angels singing from parted clouds when I stumbled upon a giant dry-erase 90/120-day calendar at Office Depot.

Now, I feel so much satisfaction I think I might pop.   This is what April looked like.

In all its three months of glory, below.  Blue is for horse trials/shows, green is for lessons, red is for vet care, and black is for miscellaneous notes.  Every time I look at it, I feel like I need a cigarette or something afterwards...


  1. We need to stick together. I have assorted discarded list, calenders and journals of horse training. Each one is bigger and better. Sad, I know.

  2. Love it! Also a resident of OCD-land. I think I need a cigarette too! ;)

  3. OOOOH, I love that! I need one too! It makes my OCD self happy! Glad to hear I am not as much of a minority as I thought! :-D

  4. You are a woman after my own heart:

  5. Nice! I, too am a planner from way back. I still have the summer calendars I made when I showed chickens in 4-H.

    I have one of those on my office wall with 5 different color-coded types of appointments. Since it works better as a wet-erase I always found even more satisfaction at the end of a month to spray and wipe a mess of colored words away and reveal an empty calendar ready for more planning.

  6. I love your blog. I work in the Navy as an IT so I log in to my computer everyday whether I want to or not. And I have a couple of sites I visit religiously, obsessively, every day. Your's is near the top of the list of the URLs I type in every morning.

    I loved the Tracking blog, it made me laugh out loud and receive that look from my husband. You know the one. The one not so horsey obsessive people give to the beyond hope obsessed. Yeah that one.

    Keep blogging, its great.


  7. I do appreciate good color coding, but maybe this is an eventer thing. ;) I am impressed by the planning that is required to condition an event horse, but I have to plan so much for my job that by the time I get to horsieland, I am all planned out.

  8. EAM, thank you so much for your kind words! Ahhh, now I feel so much pressure to entertain! ;-P And oh yes, I know that look, hahahaha.

    Val, maybe this is why by the time I get to my job, I am tired of planning, ROFL.

  9. This does my heart good :) Love it. My horse also has his own google calendar (that regularly guarantees rain) and my goal lists have their own page. I've been keeping a one month, colored coded dry erase, but now I see this needs improvement :)
    Great comment re the cigarette :) Ahhh.