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We Are Flying Solo

July 4, 2011

It's Feeling HOT HOT HOT!

Brown grass crunches underfoot and I swat only half-effectively at deer flies.  Solo's neck stays permanently wet with a white crust of salt along his mane.  It's summer and in the Carolinas that means you do everything just a little bit slower.

Since we are both sidelined, it also means we take to the trails. I can't do much good in the dressage arena, but that doesn't mean I have to give up on fitness. And just because my knee aches and my back cramps in protest doesn't mean I have to stay on the ground!

So Solo and I redneck it in true style (oh yes, those ARE blue flames on the bareback pad) as we wait for rain (bring back the green!) and healing to find us both. A little time, a lot of stretching and a dose of muscle relaxers and magic tape seem to be moving things along in due course.

What are YOU up to with your ponies as the sun's rays go from "warming" to "bone marrow broiling" level?  Swimming?  Dashing through sprinklers?  Sweating contests?  Competitive fly swatting?  Do tell!


  1. lol; LOVE the gear!

    Moon'er and I run through the garden hose at the farm. I normally "pretend" I'm hosing him down and "accidentally" get myself too!

  2. We trail walked the other day. I can't ride (unless I want one untimely bump to turn me in to the latest model of frankenstein's monster), so handwalking it is.

  3. Ah yes, the "accidental" hosing!

    SB, I feel ya! Heal quickly!!!

  4. I did a 4 day clinic in 102 heat. Never. Again..
    But tomorrow I'm going swimming with the ponyface :)

  5. I know your pain -- I did a 3 day one in 110 heat in SC, ughhhhhh.

  6. The weather has been very strange here this summer (southern Ohio). I wore a sweatshirt while cross country schooling in the middle of June!! It is supposed to be 90 tomorrow and we have had way more rain than normal. I'm not complaining though. When I look at the temps in the South I'm very thankful. :)

  7. I actually miss Ohio weather...which I NEVER thought I would say.

  8. I am SO telling GM on you! Blue flamed bareback pad, fringe-y hippie eye weirdness thing-y, and *gasp* no hoof polish?! Clearly, you do not take your sport seriously. ;-)

  9. You're right, Frizz, I clearly have no respect for myself or my horse (who lies in his pasture every day mourning my lack of respect for him) and it's a wonder I can even get out of bed in the morning!