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We Are Flying Solo

October 17, 2011

I Feel Pretty

At least that's what Encore sings.  He finished our FIRST solo (not to be confused with Solo) trail ride together and he did a great job.  He got a bit anxious and quick in the second half, but he still listened.  After a post-ride snack and a shower:

Check out that trademark Flying Solo shine!
I am pulling my hair out trying to find time to get ready for the big trip up to Waredaca's Training 3-Day this week.  I absolutely love volunteering at this event, it has taught me an incredible amount of information to add to my "competing an eventer" knowledge files.  Both Stephen Bradley and Tremaine Cooper will be working closely with competitors and volunteers this year and I especially look forward to Tremaine's insights on the course, since he designs courses himself.  And of course, Brian O'Connor's entertainment is not to be missed.  Then's Encore's first Horse Trial!!!


  1. He has the Solo shine I knew it wouldn't take long. Hey thanks for encouraging me to go BN it turned out to be a huge success!! Have fun this weekend! And his first Horse Trial? How awesome! I am so glad you found him and got to have some fun with him before the end of the season.

  2. Ha! That song has been running through my head all morning. Congrats on the trail ride--Izzy has yet to make it far on her own, but I get the feeling that might be a chicken-pilot-problem more than anything.

    This weekend sounds way exciting. Keep us updated!!

  3. Congratulations, Amy, I just saw your report, that's SO exciting! I'm so happy to see you and Steady make such positive progress.

    Thanks, Alana! And SB -- get out there!

  4. Hey I have to ask are your saddles for Solo fitting Mr. Encore? He looks from the photo to possibly be blessed with the TB shark withers and slightly hollow behide them (in other words Steady withers). I am curious if he is giving you saddle issues. Hopefully your saddles will fit wonderfully!