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We Are Flying Solo

October 11, 2011

One Moment

A moment of silence for Andrea and Gogo.

A moment for the love and lessons and loss that encompass our lives with horses and the other animals we embrace in our hearts.

It is hard for me to read her posts, as I am still struggling with the loss of my best friend, Smokey, who I let go this spring.  There is no healing such a gutting wound, really.  All we can do is try and carry the love left behind as a gift forward into our other relationships.

It will be a new saddest day, but I think we have all lived that day and I hope that Andrea can take solace and know that she is never alone.  Remember that nothing lasts forever, but we have been lucky to have had the soft breath of a beloved horse blow across our hands and that is something that neither time nor man nor life nor death can take away from us.

Many of us shed tears for your very special mare, Andrea, and we extend our support to you in your grief.  Nothing makes it easier to do the right thing, but we are here for you nonetheless.


  1. What a sweet tribute. I only started following Andrea and GoGo a couple months ago, and now this... it's just too sad. And I actually was thinking about you and Smokey when I wrote the note I left over on A's blog. My family thinks I'm a little cracked for being so emotionally invested in "my" blogger's animals, but I can't help it. I feel very strongly the joy and pain of having my own pets so I completely, utterly sympathize, and my heart breaks for everyone when they lose an animal, especially one that I've enjoyed reading about. Shedding many tears today thinking about beautiful GoGo.

  2. I am still in shock even though I knew it was coming. I have followed Andrea and Gogo since she started her blog. I wish things could be different, but she is certainly doing the right thing. You wrote how I feel, just much more eloquently. :-)

  3. Beautiful tribute. I've been following both of them for around 2years and this is such a shock to me and makes me feel so upset, and I've never even met them. I can only imagine how devastated Andrea is.

    Just to clarify though, I believe Gogo is going to be put down this afternoon, as Andrea posted that yesterday.

  4. Oh crap, I did not get my dates right. Sorry to Andrea, but the sentiment remains.

  5. Gosh you have a talent with words.

    I'm also a long time follower of Andrea. I can't believe she is loosing another horse too early, it's not fair.

  6. That was really lovely. Yes, many of us have shed tears for Gogo and Andrea and for our own horses who have gone.
    It is, unfortunately, the price we pay for what they give us.

  7. A lovely post for a very difficult time for Andrea. We have all been there, we will all be there again, and we are there for each other when it happens.