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We Are Flying Solo

November 18, 2011

Help Me Help Solo And Make YOUR Christmas Great!

My buddy is not doing that well.  He's content enough in the pasture, but his back is still sore.  I ride or longe him lightly twice a week and he feels a little better afterward, less soreness and little more supple what with warming up and moving and stretching.  But his trot is flat, his canter feels terrible and I just don't know what to do.  I can proceed with an SI injection, which my vet suggested.  That requires going to a special consulting vet about two hours away and paying at least $400 or so with no guarantees it will work.  I can try another loading dose of  Adequan, which isn't cheap either, but might help?  He's fat and that topline I slaved for is gone, it kills me a little every day.  I comfort myself knowing he LOVES hanging out with his BFF, Danny, in the pasture and begging treats and scratches off of everyone at the farm while ambling around his favourite huge pasture.  He's hardly suffering!

The point to all this is that I do want to try to fix him, I am not giving up yet!  However, cash will be needed either way.  This is where you come in.  Give us cash, muahahahha!  No, just kidding.  Sort of.

I have a, uh, teensy bit of extra horse stuff that is ready to move on to new homes.  This is your chance to do some Christmas shopping early!  None of it is super-fancy, my apologies, but I can guarantee that there is something within your budget range!  Buy a backup in case you have a wardrobe malfunction.  Thinking of getting started in eventing and need a vest to get yourself legal?  How about some inexpensive schooling equipment to save wear on your nice gear?  You are in luck, so peruse at your leisure and drop me an email (link in right sidebar) about anything you are interested in.

The gory details:  Shipping and handling for all items is a flat $7.00 in the US.  If you are in Canada or elsewhere, I'll have to figure that out.  All items will ship as soon as I can upon receipt of payment.  Payment is accepted via check or Paypal, email me for information.  I will also take reasonable offers or do package deals.  I have done my best to accurately represent, photograph, and measure all items.  Everything is kept clean, nonsmoking, I have cleaned and conditioned all the leather, blah blah.  Please inquire if you need any more details.   



Collegiate reins -- never used.  Brown laced leather reins.  I just don't like laced reins, so they are new!  Total length is 116" so half is 58".  Retail $75.  $30.

Laced reins -- brown leather.  I think they used to be black.  Well, they're not now.  These were my everyday reins for several years, still in great shape.  Total length is 118" so half would be 54".  $5.

 Hunting breastplate -- dark brown, plain raised leather.  Lovely condition, nice leather.  Horse size.  Retail $150.  $50.  

Dover jumper girth -- dark brown with lighter brown inset.  42", measures 46" from tip of buckle to tip of buckle.  Stainless steel roller buckles.  I was schooling a very small QH, LOL!  Retail $50.  $25. 

Zilco crupper -- ok, technically not leather, I believe it's made of beta biothane, but it's very nice and like new.  For your mountain getaways!  Brown with black padding and brass toned hardware.  Horse size, very adjustable.  Retail $40.  $30.


Big D dress sheets -- THERE ARE TWO OF THESE.  Blue/hunter/burgandy plaid with burgandy trim, very nice, hardly used.  One is a 74", one is a 78".  Leather-reinforced fittings with nice hardware.  Closed front.  Surcingle and leg straps on both.  The 78" does have a 1" tear near the butt dart, pretty easy to stitch up, pictured.  Retail $70.  $40 for the 74" and $30 for the 78"


Roma riser pad -- fits most saddles.  White.  Lifts rear of saddle.  Orange feline included at no extra cost; I'll poke holes in the box.  Retail $35.  $15. 


Lead rope -- blue/green/black polypro lead.  6' long with brass snap.  Hey, we're desperate, don't judge.  $3.

Loose ring snaffle -- looks like a KK with copper-y type mouth.  5.5 inches.  $10


Solo says thank you for looking!  We hope you have a fantastic holiday!  Remember, I take offers and will make package deals!! 


  1. THE VEST. Vet vest vest! Can you wait like...5 days until the money transfers into a paypal account?

  2. Sold! I'll take your bareback pad. I'm so tired of feeling like I'll never be able to have children after riding my shark-finned thoroughbred ...

    I'd also like the riser pad. Can we do a package ... somehow?

  3. Ashleigh, the vest is yours, assuming you are the same Ashleigh that emailed me.

    Austen, ahhhh, someone emailed me first about the bareback pad. :-( But if she changes her mind or I don't receive money, I will let you know. You can have the riser pad though, shoot me an email.

    I am going to have to start a list, I had no idea people would actually pounce!

  4. I want the brown schooling bridle. How do I get a hold of you?

  5. I'll take the breastplate and the black bridle, if we can talk size. Email is jen nospace jobst at gmail.

    Also, Austen, your comment about never being able to have children made me LOL! I totally know what you mean!!!

  6. Are any of the reins longer than 54"?

  7. Check -- shoot me an email, the address is in the right hand sidebar, if you can't find the link, it's

    jenj -- let me know what size info you need. Both were just marked "horse" size when I purchased. They fit Solo. The breastplate is a little smaller on his giant shoulder than the other "horse" sized breastplate I have, that's about all I can say.

    SP, I don't know, but when I find my tape measure, I will check for you!

  8. This has nothing at all to do with buying stuff (though I may do that, too), but I was just thinking you may want to try a magnesium supplement (like MagRestore or Magnesium 5000, which comes in SmartPaks). It seems to be really helpful for horses who are muscle sore and not responding to massage. Just a thought... that's way less expensive than joint injections. :)

  9. Thanks for the idea, Jana, I had not thought about that!

  10. I'm sorry to hear Solo is still sore. Good luck with the sale. I don't see anything for my big drafty girl (she's sooo hard to fit), but I think you will sell out quickly.

  11. Thank you, OUAE! Sorry no giant horse stuff! :-( Ummm, want a lead rope? LOL, just kidding!