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We Are Flying Solo

January 3, 2012

You Are Not Forgotten

Sometimes it is just very hard to write.  I try not to let my personal life (well, the non-horsey parts) bleed into the blog.  I don't think it's relevant or very useful for you or even very entertaining for the most part.  But when the universe kicks you in the teeth -- and then follows up with some kidney punches -- and then takes a bat to your kneecaps -- and then runs over your prone body for good measure -- it can be difficult to compartmentalize, despite that being my speciality.

I will keep trying, though. I cannot promise overflowing humour for a bit but I will try to avoid strangling noises, that doesn't make for very fun reading.

I am back home and back to my red boys. Solo insists on tormenting me with loving cuteness, following me around the pasture with big eyes, begging me to put a halter on him so we can go play.

Encore is very irritated with my attempts to play saddle fitter and find a dressage shaped something for him. We tried out a Verhan Odyssey, a Passier Nicole, and a Prestige 2000D today -- I only rode in the Verhan, but set the other two on him, along with a Baines endurance saddle, just to eyeball the tree. No winners yet, but I took lots of pictures and made a lot of faces. I still want to try an Albion on him, a County, and perhaps a Stubben, but haven't found a demo yet.

It's cold, with a 30 mph gust of ice-wind cutting through you, so it's hard to focus on your work. Winter has finally wandered in and I'm holding my breath hoping it wanders right back out very soon.


  1. I hope your red beauties can help lift your spirits. Winter is one of those visitors that doesn't take long to wear out its welcome.

  2. It sounds like you are having a rough go of it. I understand you not wanting to "bore" us with personal stuff but sometimes letting it out can be better than keeping it all in. Ok that is what I tell myself when I whine on my blog like I just did moments ago. Let it all out girl. Your blogger buddies got yo back!

  3. Amy is right - if you feel the need to let us know what is happening, we are here to listen and comment. Even if it is just to say - "That really DOES suck!".

  4. Be good to yourself and support is there wherever you look for it!

  5. Well, seeing how popular reality TV is, I'm sure we would all be fine with hearing about some non-horsey difficulties/drama. ;-)
    And maybe one of us has had a similar experience and can share some advice. Or not. But, like others have said, sometimes just having some empathy can be a comfort.
    And good luck with the saddle hunt! I will hopefully be saddle-less soon (if my two ever freaking sell!) and then when I have the $$$ to get Salem sound (so, in like 10 years) I will also be embarking on a saddle-fitting adventure!
    Chin up, girl. We're here for ya.

  6. The generosity of spirit of this horsey blogger world always astounds me. Thank you for these kindnesses -- and Amy, you made me laugh.

  7. Glad I could make you laugh, it sounds like you need a laugh or probably more so a hug. You are so right in you comment on my post, that it could be much worse. I know exactly what that feeling of your life just falling apart around you. Being betrayed by the one person you trusted the most. When I found out out my husband was having a relationship with another woman. At the time we had a one year old and a new born baby. I found out just before christmas 5 years ago. Lowest point in my life and I would never wish that kind of pain on anyone. So though I do not know what you are going through right now I do know pain and I feel deeply for you and am praying for you. If you want to talk to someone without you can email me or call me.

  8. Sorry things suck. As everyone else said, you're always welcome to vent on your own blog. You'll probably even get oodles of supportive comments, because pretty much everyone's life sucks at one point or another.

    Contest for who had most suckiest part of life? Prize could be an even worse coffee mug.

    Hang in there. Winter passes eventually.

  9. I'm with the others... I am SO sorry things have sucked lately. We all only wish the best for you and the Red Men! For the record, if my behavior at the office today is any indicator, complaining to others is indeed very therapeutic. :-) (I've been on "vacation" for a week, traveling with my mother, and let's just say our relationship is not at a high point just now.)

    ((Hugs to you)) O fellow blogger!

    [@Amy - No words for that. Definitely one of the shittiest moves I've EVER heard of by a spouse. Poor you!]

  10. SB, I am pretty sure I would win the contest at this point but that is a mug I definitely could not drink from with pride.

    Amy, that is a shitty move indeed. I've been with a cheater before and I know that feeling (albeit not with reproductive efforts) and it is no fun at all. Certainly am never going there again.

  11. Hang in there, Brena. Lots of hugs from blogland.

  12. Hugs to you. We all go through dark times and I hope you feel better soon. Spend some time with your wonderful horses...I know that always makes me feel better. :-)