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We Are Flying Solo

March 2, 2012

More Exciting Tidbits!

Tomorrow is forecast to be very wet and stormy, so perhaps I will get a chance to put together a real post then, but until that time --

Encore's fabulousness is featured on Eventing Nation!  I hope in a couple of years, I can send John the video of a certain little redhead running a Training Level course!

Also fabulousness -- we received Encore's new dressage saddle!  He had decided to be difficult and be exactly the opposite shape from Solo so even though we shimmed and jury-rigged, he really wasn't that comfortable with my beloved Black Country.  After many trials, which perhaps I will get a chance to write about tomorrow, we found the Kent & Masters dressage saddle.  The same company who makes Thorowgood and Fairfax saddles, located in Walsall England (hmmm, I seem to like all saddles made there), build this dark horse of a saddle.

This tree (the same one that resides in the Thorowgood T8 line) seems perfectly built for the OTTB shape -- gorgeous wither clearance and a fairly flat profile with panels which have lots of bearing surface.  It's even comfortable for the rider, although it is not the sigh-inducing butt candy of my Black Country, oh how it spoiled me.  It also does not come with the same gorgeous leather that you just want to rub against your cheek, so the flaps will take some breaking in to shape them.  But as soon as we stepped into trot, Encore stretched down his neck and lifted his back, as if to say, Finally!  Thank you! 

Sorry, buddy, not my fault it takes those English guys five weeks to build your tack. 

Once again, I must thank the generosity of my wonderful mother, for the perfect birthday present for what I hope will be an exciting spring season!!  Here we go...


  1. Congrats! Now you will have more saddles than horses, lol.

    Now, can you please have your mom call my mom and give her lessons on Buying Stuff For Your Poor But Totally Deserving Daughter?

  2. Loved the video. It looked like he was just waiting for you to point him at the fence you wanted him to jump saying "Which one Mom, which one?" You have done a great job in your retraining.

  3. Congrats on the new saddle, and the publicity! ;) Your mom rocks.

    Does this mean birthday wishes in order?!

  4. Thank you, ladies! And yes, mum rocks.

    Frizz, you are on your own on that one. I live in daily disbelief, but deep gratitude.

  5. I got super squealy when I saw your video on EN! You go, girl!

  6. Yayyy, thanks for the squeals!!!

  7. glad it fits....and you are most welcome....on to more adventures! love always, mum

  8. I, too, am blessed with a mom who occasionally steps in and funds various desirable items for which I have no budget. (Though not to the extent of YOUR mom, boy, does SHE rock!) Right now I'm planning my campaign for a new helmet... hee hee. Don't think the Charles Owen wish will be fulfilled, alas, but some help is always better than none!

  9. I could NOT do what I do without the help of others! I think everyone needs some form of help to do this sport!