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We Are Flying Solo

June 24, 2012

Look Whose HelmetCam I Found??!

Remember how I said back here that I had tried and failed to turn the helmet cam on in mid-course at full TB gallop? 

Well, guess what?

I discovered last night that I didn't fail!

So hang on for the ride, because here are XC jumps 5-15 of Encore's very first Novice completion this spring!


  1. That was great!

    I love Encore's satisfied snorts at the end of the course. So adorable. What a good boy.

  2. He is a very good boy, I couldn't be more pleased with his focus and efforts on course!

  3. Thank you, CFS, it was a good ride! I wish I had caught the big brush at 3, but I am thrilled that I got any at all!