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We Are Flying Solo

June 7, 2012

Stop The Vampire!

Now that Solo has settled into his new home and stopped using Encore as a security blanket, he has gone back to being his old, bossy self -- which means he is a vampire, sniping pieces of Encore's skin when no one is looking.

You might wonder how a fit, young, clever, agile racehorse would fail to dodge the swipes of a teenage stock horse with a stiff back, but you see, Solo is a stealth vampire.  He will graze along, sweet as can be, and then BAM! with no warning, he strikes like a snake and then goes back to grazing like nothing happened.  If you blink, you'll probably miss it.

A poor photograph of both horse and sheet.
Since I prefer not to have Encore looking like a piecemeal blood donor who turns into a SWAT appaloosa after grooming, I am trying the flysheet approach.  I just had to wait until a quality one went on sale low enough to appease my budget. I knew my $20 cheapo in the trailer wouldn't last a day. 

I put it on with a sigh tonight -- it's, well, PRETTY, so I asked Solo nicely to please let me keep pretty sheet pretty. 

Only time will tell if the vampire can show mercy.


  1. If that fails, try a Kensignton. You can get them used pretty cheap. I got mine for $30. Its the only thing that my fly sheet killing mare hasn't killed. In fact it has lasted us almost a year now. Before the Kensignton she went through four fly sheets in two weeks.

  2. I have the same problem. All my rugs have bum rips!

  3. My girl's Amigo has a few rips but I've found that white Gorilla tape can fix up just about anything.

    I used the black Gorilla tape to fix a tear in our gelding's turn-out sheet last year, and even through several washings the tape stayed on and kept the sheet in one piece.

  4. Great news on the Gorilla tape as I have tack destroyers. Keegan has a nice vampire rip right at his throatlatch right now. Cole may or may not be responsible. It could be Ike, who is a known vampire.

  5. Good tips!
    I used the blanket tape from Schneiders on my winter blankets, it worked surprisingly well! Waterproof and breathable still!

    But I will definitely keep the Gorilla tape in mind, I didn't think of that. Today the sheet was still intact. Two days of pretty, yay!

  6. LOL, naughty Solo! Hope he leaves off being an equine vampire and allows his buddy's sheet and flesh to remain whole ;)

  7. Now why the heck would Solo do that? What drives him to feel like taking a chunk outta his pal every now and then? Does he need to feel like he's the boss, or what?

    Whatever the reason, I'm glad the fly sheet seems to be giving poor Encore some protection!

  8. He is a bossy, brassy redhead, RW, and he never lets anyone forget it!