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We Are Flying Solo

November 12, 2012

The Eagle Has Landed

"You could totes be a model...."

Maybe that's what Encore's friends tell him.  And by friends I mean, one friend who likes to bite him.  Who is not really a friend, more like a food-stealing, bossy, co-dependent dominator.

But there has indeed been a noteworthy landing...of a Dover store in Raleigh (about 25 minutes from my house).  So BFF and I had to jump in the car and check out the grand opening sales, naturally. 

Much to my bank account's dismay (although all it knows is dismay, so perhaps it didn't notice), I decided I needed a consolation prize for the fact that things were going to suck really badly for quite some time.  So aside from the two years' worth of wormer and vetwrap (I ALWAYS stock up when that stuff is on sale! $0.99 a roll, I mean, come on!), I walked around the corner and stopped dead in front of this (for those of you who missed it on TFS Facebook):

Holy crap! you exclaim, Is that a custom wool dress sheet in exact Team Flying Solo colours?  Why yes, yes it is.  At 1/3 of its regular price.  Horse and trailer not included.  Mine.  The picture really does not do it justice; the colours are rich and gorgeous and I am quite sure we will intimidate the competition simply by stepping off the trailer next year.

Easy on the orange blush there, tiger.

Work it, baby.
I also found the grail of my year long quest:  a dressage pad with blue binding.  Well, close enough.  Enough with the black and white thing, DQ's, live a little!

Click to enlarge.
That pretty much took care of my year's worth of horse purchases.  Of course, I always snag a pair of breeches when they are on sale, since I have a pile in various stages of decay from daily use.

His Highness approves of your offerings.
I also did an experiment and verified that you were NOT immediately encapsulated in a metal cage and shot if you uttered SmartPak's name.  You do, however, get a glare from the store manager. 

Sorry, Dover, love ya, but SmartPak already stole my soul when they delivered my cat food for free.  BUT nobody carries everything, so the beauty of this one is that you can order anything you want from the Dover catalog and then pick it up at the store.  Not that I often need much at this point, but I HATE PAYING SHIPPING.  There, I said it, I'm spoiled.

I'm not sure how much will be left of that sheet  though, after I spend months petting it in my lap until I can jump sweet jumps again...



  1. So very jealous you made it to the 'grand opening'. I was sicker than a dog this whole weekend, so didn't get to Raleigh for the pretty pretty tack store or to the OBX for my brother's first half marathon. Crappy. Love the sheet. Just try to save some trim for next season, don't pat it all off. Oh, did you see any of the rumored door prizes and giveaways???

  2. Is that...a grey wool cooler...with light blue and dark blue trim? Those are MY colors! Omg, I am coming over and stealing it right NOW! I mean, um, I am totally not stealing it, and if it goes missing it was totally not me. Totally.

    SO jealous of a Dover so close to you! All I have here in Miami is feed stores that stock some ridiculously expensive horse supplies and a bunch of western crap.

    Btw, congrats on Solo's new leasor--I knew some perfect Solo-worshiper would step out of the woodwork and give him some much-needed adoration. :-)

  3. Once I can conveniently get off this godforsaken island again, I shall make a pilgrimage. Dover is a great reason to come to Raleigh!

    Good scores - I hope the retail therapy soothed your soul. I live vicariously through your blog post! :D

  4. I live about two minutes from a Dover store. It's great to get things I need right away, but if I can wait, I still order from SmartPak.

  5. Alana, no real door prizes, but I did sign up for the $500 gift raffle. Which I will never win.

    Frizz, too bad, I called them first, haha. And Amber IS truly awesome.

    CFS, come and see us!

    Kate, you beat me at two minutes.

  6. Your post made me smile today when I was feeling really down. Work schedule for Dec/Jan is horrendous, my mare is indeterminantly lame, and I just don't feel mentally strong enough to ride the only sound horse in my pasture, DH's gelding. But you made me smile. Thank you for that.

  7. I love this rug! Sadly we do not have Dover nor Smartpak in Canada but hey, we have Eric Lamaze so I guess that's alright :)

  8. BeBe, that's a pretty hefty countercard!

    EAM, you are most welcome. I am going to be desperate for smiles for a while, so I will do my best. Crisis for a loved one plus my own riding privileges stolen away, my brain vacated the premises and shows no signs of coming back. I don't blame it, I wish I could leave!

  9. I was there too! And also unfortunately for my bank account, the store is 10 minutes from me.. yikes. And it has become the new meeting place for my carpooling barn buddy.

    Anyways you forgot to mention the best part of the grand opening.. i.e, free food and wine! :)

  10. Hahaha, I didn't go for the food and wine thing, I was in a river looking for fish. But I refused to let the grand opening weekend pass me by!