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We Are Flying Solo

January 11, 2013

Silly People Pay To Traipse Through Mud; I Get That Pleasure For Free

Yeah, I never did get that whole "yay, let me pay you so I can roll in the mud and ice and get really dirty AND we can call it a race!!!" thing.

It's hard to wax poetic between mud-wrestling my way up the hill in the dark to sweep-search a paddock for equines and holding work meetings at night (horrors - I do NOT get paid enough for that).  I am DETERMINED that both Encore and I will scrape every last ounce of time out for PT in order to arrive in spring ready to run.  Logically, I know that we have to work hard now and put in the time so we can have fun later, but it takes every ounce of stubborn willpower I have not to collapse home on the couch after work.  It would be much appreciated, atmosphere, if you would at least stop peeing on us.

Of the three of us, Solo is doing the best of all -- his weight is fantastic, his feet are, well, nevermind, they are as good as they can be, and he is so much more settled and content now that Amber has given him a job to do.  I have been trying to find time to ride him during the week, as he stares quite pointedly at me over the gate, but I have so far been thwarted.

This weekend will bring us two sunny, 74-degree days (just for the record, CLIMATE CHANGE I HATE YOU, and I know this is very bad in the long run....but I am going to enjoy my two January days of not-rain).  Sunday will find us hopefully cross-training with our BFF and her endurance racing cohorts.  Except they go around the jumps.  We...might not, heh heh heh.

I  know I'm not the only one picking mud out of my hair after a longeing session -- are you managing to squeak in a ride or two in the dark?


  1. 74...degrees Can I please have a life transplant and move there??

  2. 55 deg. today (okay, it's warm for Michigan) and both horses are about to hit the trails for workouts before we get freezing rain & ice tonight/tomorrow.

    And yes, we have mud...*clay* mud..I have to scrape it off the horses in clumps as they decided that a mud beauty treatment was a good idea yesterday.

    Have a good riding weekend!


  3. Yeah, I really don't get the running through the mud thing. I think you've hit upon why. It's too much like real life.

  4. Check -- stalk the job market, that's what I did, LOL!

    HAT -- Yes we have slippery clay too. I'm pretty over it. At least there are opportunities to sneak out for a workout or two, good on you!

    SB -- exactly....

  5. Would that I could ride these days. But between my jacked up work schedule(don't even ask what my hours are like) and the fact that my riding choices are limited to the DH's attitudy ApHC gelding, nope not getting much riding done. But hugs to those who can, have, or will.

  6. Poo. Sending some good wishes your way!

  7. We were about -20c two weeks ago and today it was 10c (50)...which is insane for January here. The snow has melted and here comes the mud...

  8. -20, shudder. Reminds me of my childhood days scraping ice off of...everything. Bleck! I am about done with the mud too, oh I wish I could afford to live in the Sandhills!