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We Are Flying Solo

March 3, 2013

To Do

Apologies for fisheries conference-induced hiatus, but ONE WEEK TILL THIS RIG HEADS SOUTH TO BECKY'S!!!!!!!!

It will fit!
-Calculate how to fit gargantuan amounts of horse feed into limited space.
-Come up with room that doesn't exist to store five bales of hay.
-Remove archaeology-worthy layers from backseat of truck.

-Ride Encore 57 times in 7 days (I feel so behind!).
-Make note not to ride on four hours of sleep and half a hangover.  (But I had a great time and THANK YOU Amber for your thoughtfulness of taking me out for an awesome birthday dinner.  It was my own fault that I failed at high gravity beer math.)

-Change out leaky trailer tire for spare.  Why is there always one leaky one?
-Break down and buy a trailer tire jack.  I mean, really, with my luck?
-Clean shipping boots so Encore can poop on them again.  Repeatedly.
-Seam seal repaired spare rain sheet in case SmartPak replacement sheet doesn't get back in time (another story)

Yeah, horse, get to work!!!
-Clean your freaking tack, how 'bout it?
-Clean excessive collection of leg boots which is even more amusing now that I am a boot minimalist.
-Wash pile of breeches and attempt to pack riding clothes that don't make you look like a homeless person (barn clothes are barn clothes!).
-Find stupid girth extender for Mr. Belly Puffer that I bought and promptly put in a safe place.  A really really really safe place.

-Charge every recording media device in possession.
-Posit ways to casually hand strangers recording devices (although Amber is going to come down and take pics for us next weekend, yayyyy!).
-Create space on crowded hard drive for (hopefully) many new files.

-Bring carrots for Comet.  Try not to embarrass self in fangirl paroxysms.

Did I forget anything?


  1. If you figure out the safe place where you put your girth extender, would you let me know? I'm guessing that's where my extra tube of Banamine, the short dressage girth, and my fuzzy white show pad are too.

    Why is it that safe places are so VERY safe?

  2. Wow, I hope I find it, that would be a good score! ;-P

  3. - Tell Encore not to get a tummy ache. Duh. :-)

    You are going to have a terrific time, and you'd darn well better give 'ole Comet some hugs and carrots from other members of his fan club! OTTBS ROCK!

  4. It's called outsmarting yourself... when you can't remember the very safe places. ;D

    Have a great time, be safe and definitely give Comet some lovin' from the We ♥ ottbs crowd!

  5. I hope to share the love with the grey Awesomesauce -- as soon as Encore shapes up and drinks his water!