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We Are Flying Solo

August 15, 2013

Serene Solo

It makes him so happy...
When I swung my leg over and settled into Solo's dressage saddle, I remember how close to saddle heaven your butt gets to be in that thing.  Delicious! 

That's right, I brought Mr. Shiny down to the arena for a change since Encore continues to symie us with his particular feet.  I really didn't plan on much; for once, it was only 80 degrees with a refreshingly mild 50% humidity -- it practically felt like fall!!!  Solo wandered nonchalantly through the gate with the clump of his front boots and the swish of his sparse tail.  Ah, my follicularly challenged friend!

I had woken up in a funny mood and the idea of some time with my best buddy was especially appealing.  With some lateral work and transitions within the trot, we both woke up and rather to my surprise, my often-uninspired chestnut found a bright rhythm as I felt his back and withers lift and the base of his neck reach into an extended trot.  His lovely, balanced canter has always been easier to sit than Encore's (not quite the same level of horsepower back there), like riding a hammock, and we even did a couple of flying changes in a figure eight and a fakey gallop.

He felt great!

As we wandered back up the hill, I couldn't repress my smile and enjoyed the peaceful vibe of my horse.  Solo's still got it, buttons are intact, and what's more, although he would still much rather soar than shoulder-in, now that he is on the more "finished" side of the training continuum, he enjoys the work so much more than when we were both grasping at straws, trying to figure things out.  And thank you, Encore, for making me a better rider with a deeper, more educated feel and more polished technique. 

Heck, maybe I should put him on the fitness trail and visit a show for fun.  That USEA registration is a lifetime one...


  1. Glad that you got to spend some quality time with your soul partner. It's great to know that you both can still enjoy each other's company and relish in the simple joys. Brought a smile to my face...and I am sure you were both better for the time spent together.

  2. I love moments like that, so special:)

  3. :) This post makes me happy on the inside.