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We Are Flying Solo

August 6, 2013

If Mo' Money = Mo' Problems, Then Shouldn't No' Money = No' Problems?

Empty piggy is sad.
It just sounds logical to me.  Harrumph.

What with vet bills and farrier bills and oh yeah, the riding mower decided to blow a piston ring, there are more tough choices to make all around.  Complicated, of course, by the complete unpredictability of equine soundness or lack thereof.

Encore was a bit footsore up front this weekend, no doubt from the angle change, so he will get a critical eyeball from me this afternoon to see if he is ready to get up and go.  He did feel better behind though, which was nice --  no more soreness from fly stomping thanks to the fly boots and mister installed in shed!

Let's just pretend, though, that it will all settle back down into good.  You know, just for fun.

We have a nice little schooling jumper show coming up in a couple of weeks, a personal favourite of mine we had a great time at last year.  After's hard to say.

I would still REALLY like to run him at Five Points HT.  As much as I would like to also do the Adult Team Challenge this year, it is not near stabling buddies and I think there is only room for one recognized event in the budget this fall.  If any. 

There are several other schooling horse trials, though, both at CHP and elsewhere, as well as scattered local CTs and jumper shows, so we have options and I hope to use them to hone Encore's Training Level skills.  When, where, and how will depend on diesel, debt, and horseshoes. 


  1. Another great title and I believe you are correct.

  2. Hahahha, it should be true, shouldn't it???

  3. My piggy bank is like your piggy bank.

  4. Poor things, someone should get them some bacon.

  5. It seems to me that HORSES = SKINNY PIGGIES. Just my observation so far. ;)

  6. After many years of explaining to people that having two horses is jsut a recipe to have them both be lame at the same time, I now have two.

    My only defense is denial. The piggy already ran away.

  7. Amanda, I believe the rate of skinnification is directly proportional to the rate of acquisition.

    SB, I can verify that the theory is in fact true. Because two vet bills is better than one!!

  8. Unfortunately Horses don't equal logic :-)

  9. Skinny pigs are just wrong. That being said, ugh totally agree.

  10. You know, I don't know if I have ever seen an ACTUAL skinny pig. It would seem to be against the laws of nature!