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We Are Flying Solo

October 7, 2013

Swag Is Headed Your Way!

So ready to rock and roll!
That's right, you contest winners of gear awesomeness, I've sent your addresses to Absorbine and your TryPaks should be drop-shipped directly to you very soon.

I'm working on some fun posts for you, so much to process!  I know a Thoroughbred who is well on his way from a life of owning the racetrack to real progress in a life of OWNING the obstacle course.  Everyone should be lucky enough to have the magic of a good-hearted OTTB in their life.  I did not get the distinct pleasure of getting to visit Encore's incredible Auntie Jess as she showed off the remarkable CANTER MA Katzimo at the Pimlico Retired Racehorse Training Program Makeover this weekend with his other Autie Allie, but here's a teaser of Proper Event Horse Badassness that Encore gave me permission to share from yesterday.  -->


  1. Love the photo! Looks like you guys are ready to take anything on

  2. Looking fabulous! How high is that wall???

  3. That's a great picture! He looks so focused!

  4. That's a great picture! He looks so focused!

  5. Love that awesome action shot!! You two are looking good. :D

  6. Thanks!!!! We had a great time....and now my whole body hurts....everywhere.

    Not sure how high that bank was, mom, maybe 2'9"? I'm a terrible estimator, haha.