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We Are Flying Solo

November 30, 2014

Haircuts & Happiness

Tractor w Drag
It IS satisfying, though...
Yep, that’s what passes for excitement around here – unless you really want to hear how gratifying it is to drag a 3-acre pasture.  The satisfaction of decimating every little poop pile…


Sorry, where was I?  Oh yes, a brief update, aka “weird things that horse people find thrilling.”


Saturday found me bound & determined, with a set of T-84 blades in hand, on my most beloved AGC2's (dang, they used to be a lot cheaper AND I got a #10 blade included) & a can of Cool Care at the ready.  I truly hate that sweated, matty winter girth-hair.

It's a start -- my clip jobs are generally piecemeal works over the course of weeks, heh.

*not sure why these photos are showing up blurry, but if you click to embiggen, they will sharpify, sigh*

Solo Nov 2014 Clip 002 (Small)
Oh no, she haz teh clipperz...
Encore Nov 2014 Clip
Relax, bro, I feel pretty...


Even simpler.  Work & the other 500 aforementioned sources of stress have left me with little energy to climb on horses.  We won’t discuss why this picture does not include liver chestnut ears.  But bliss is the perfect word for Solo & I with a small piece of the world all to ourselves:

30 Nov 14
In riding a horse, we borrow freedom.
-Helen Thompson, author, b. 1943


  1. I really need to body clip about eight horses and really just don't want to.That looks like a great place to ride!

    1. I don't envy you that job, Jodi -- clipping is like bathing: I get all excited getting started and then, about 17 seconds in, I wonder why I don't just own minis instead???

      That particular property is a neighbouring farm with that gorgeous patch of forest. It's a rare treat to get hardwoods that aren't choked with invasive privet down here. I am very grateful that the owner lets us enjoy it (as long as Richard, Super-Neighbour, is in the vicinity, I'd sent him off to give BFF some more miles this day).

  2. sounds like good stuff all around - glad you had a nice trail ride!

    1. It was good to be out! My body had declared its resignation for a while there, so it was truly wonderful to be back on the Orange Beast again.

  3. Yeah, having your own place means less time to ride somehow... but it's totally worth it!

    1. Funny, because everyone says that, but I really have found the opposite to be the case -- I CAN ride much more often, timewise. Just recently, I've not been physically very able. And I do sometimes get tempted to...just drag that pasture. But I like that I have the choice and learned a very important rule (that I need to get back to NOT breaking) from a previous BO: ALWAYS RIDE FIRST.

      Oh, and don't tell your horses you want to ride so they don't go around kicking themselves in the legs to make sure you are stuck rubbing magic cremes on them instead. :/

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks, that was my thought exactly!!! It's a much better sight than my ceiling or my desk. :P