January 30, 2010

Snow Ponies

Apparently a worm hole in the universe has opened and transported me back to my chilly childhood days in Kentucky. Cause this sure as hell ain't North Carolina!!! It is "snowing" ice pellets for god's sake!

The farm driveway, complete with 6 inch pile of snow on the truck hood.

We are not impressed by your "winter."

Oh! Haz you come to bring me to warmth and treats?

Well. Read my disappointment when you do not.

I iz Moxie. I iz hunter princess. You bring me in now!!


You suck.

Even the farm birds are scrounging in the snow for scraps.

Even Smokey has an opinion.


  1. Yowza. You have tremendous powers of resistance. I think I'd have given them a spot in front of the fireplace. :)

    Beautiful photos, though...

  2. Hahaha, I almost gave in. But each horse had at least two blankets on and plenty of hay to eat. Some (ahem, Moxie!) also have an excellent protective layer of blubber! They will get to sleep cozy in their stalls tonight.

  3. The photos with attending comments had me rolling, laughing out loud, wanting to drag someone over to see it! Alas, the dog has no interest in horses. No one else home at the moment. The hunter princess totally did me in. Can see it in her eyes!

    Sorry about the snow and freezing though....I promise no more complaining about our, uh, bone chilling 56 degrees.

  4. Aww cute ponies who have no idea what real snow is!! Solo has quite the "I'm not impressed with this snow" look - much better than Jackson, who pretends to be unhappy and then runs and bucks through the drifts!

  5. Too cute!!! I have the same opinion of snow however!

  6. AHAHAH, thanks, TLH -- I am usually the one taunting everyone with warm weather, but it appears our time to suffer has come, sigh.

    It quite ruins my riding plans! But maybe we can have a bit more fun with it today, since it has FINALLY stopped precipitating and become sunny.

  7. I love it! Especially the hunter princess; I agree, you can totally see it in her eyes. The icicle beard is all too familiar in this neck of the woods, unfortunately! I want to know how you managed to get such beautiful pictures of their eyes. My hoodlums' face pictures all consist of blurry snaps of their noses, because they're so busy investigating the camera in hopes that it's something good to eat. You'd think they were starving neglected horses instead of the plump spoiled ones that they actually are.

  8. Jen, it appears the secret is to take the pictures when ice is actually raining upon their heads. At this point, they are too demoralized to investigate at anything but 1/8 speed. Even though they are actually fine, but have convinced themselves that death and devouring by wolves is imminent. Ok, I may also have been standing inside the barn and they were poking their heads through the window, so I could use the zoom lens and they couldn't walk up to me. ;-)

  9. ROFL @ the hunter princess comments.

    Yucky weather, though.