December 2, 2010

Adventures In Hack Land

I've always wondered if Solo would jump well in a hackamore.  They seem to work really well for a lot of jumpers and eventers, so it's been on my "Things To Try" list for some time.  Some things on that list happen more quickly than others; for example, "ride a whale shark" is rather opportunity driven.

Well, since we are now in a barn where all of us are horse accessory junkies (the SO says "hoarders" but if he owned a horse, he would totally get it), I borrowed an English hackamore last night and buckled it onto a bridle.  It is usually worn by an Oldenburg mare with a head the size of a Tyrannosaurus, but thankfully, it is highly adjustable and I got it into approximately the right place.

So, how did it go?

Solo: Ok, time to trot, let me come down onto the bit. Hey, WTF, where is the bit. Mom, I am trying to do the right thing. Mom....? How about stretching? Ok, I can still stretch, now let me return to the bit...what the...where is it, what the heck am I supposed to do?

Me: Trotting. Now I will just...uh...well, I can't keep pressure on this thing so I will use leg and...uh...WTF, I hate this.

Lifeshighway (riding in the ring with us): *laughing* Solo doesn't look like he is too thrilled about this experiment.

Pete (lifeshighway's horse): Arrrrr, I am going to bite Solo! (he never can stay on topic)

Apparently, the hack is not for us.


  1. I tried one of those. (Except I bought mine. Serious hoarder here.) Izzy was not so thrilled. She didn't think he princess face needed any leverage.

    Oh well. Fun to look at, right?

  2. Worth a try - but he might get used to it after a while, or maybe not?

  3. He might Kate, but there's really no reason to. It was nothing more than idle curiosity. The system we have works great, so I have no motivation to spend time retraining.

  4. Yes, it is true. Sometimes Pete sounds like a pirate.

  5. With your new saddle clips, you could totally carry a sabre when you ride.

  6. You two could practice sword fighting from horseback!

    Interesting about the hack...I feel the same way. I'd try one sometime just out of curiosity!

  7. I am actually training my young horse in a jumping hack, which is essentially a fancy sidepull. I've really liked it, but once we get going with a bit, I'll probably only use it to ride bareback in the fields and let her graze.

  8. OMG, lh, did you see that, we totally need to have sabre practice!!!!!

    Yeah, molly, I think I would like a sidepull better. For trail riding anyway.

  9. *raises hand* I, too, am a tack hoarder. Despite the fact that I do not currently own a horse, I STILL dabble in recreational tack-shopping. We all have our little addictions, and in the long-run, it's certainly more healthy than, say, being addicted to crack (right?).
    Well, at least you guys got to borrow the hack instead of purchasing it -- how great to be surrounded by fellow tack-hoarders who can share your sickness! :-D

  10. Still chuckling over "head the size of a Tyrannosaurus" as it seems my Vannah's TWH head fits that description as well. All her tack is Oversized...

  11. Tack hoarders unite!

    LOL, Allison, maybe Vannah and Moxie are cousins!