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We Are Flying Solo

April 21, 2011


The O is for Owner. In case you wondered.

Lesson: do not fire off an angry email to your saddle fitter because you are exhausted and frustrated and you had a bad day. They are not actually your best friend so they won't get that you are just tired and frustrated. They may get quite offended and take it personally. Oops. My bad.

On the other side of a long night, I have decided I will not put Solo up for auction on eBay as things are probably all my fault anyway, in some way shape or form. We can only work with what we have. Today is "nice hack in the woods" day and tomorrow he gets to just have a bath and chill out in his pre-competition day off. Hopefully, he won't hold a grudge.

I have just dropped my entry for for the Virginia Horse Trials in the mailbox -- for Training Level. No takey-backeys now. Next month we'll have to take a deep breath and go for the big game.

We've also got our ride times for Longleaf Pines this weekend. I must have pissed off the organizer.

Dressage: Saturday at 7:42 am. Owwwwww. 
Cross Country: Saturday at 1:44 pm. Hmmm, maybe enough time for a nap.
Stadium: Sunday afternoon in reverse order of placing.

You will be able to watch and groan/cheer here with live scoring.


  1. Saddle fitter mojo... do not mess with it.

  2. oops on the saddle fitter :-(
    Good luck and have fun at the HT.

  3. Ha. Yes, I have bad mojo now.

    Thanks, Barbara!

  4. Any SFH who has an SFO honest enough to admit she is, periodically, an SFO is a lucky SFH.

  5. Hahaha, Tricia, I had to read that about three times but it made me LOL! :-D

  6. Aw, you wrote a post about me AND one about my horse! Or at least I assume so, though you would think that you would ask permission, and you got silly little facts wrong, like names, abilities etc!!
    You guys will rock Training!!

  7. Yeesh! It's funny, every rider has days, weeks, and sometimes months like these, but when you're the rider going through these days, weeks, and months, it's easy to forget that. I guess at this point, all you can do is laugh, yell, and do your best!

    About the time of your dressage test - I hope you like coffee, and lots of it!

    Ah! Also, I'm Kylene, and I'm a long time follower/stalker of your blog and a big fan of you and Solo :D Best of luck this weekend!

  8. Thank you, Kylene! Sadly I don't drink coffee, but I muddled through...

  9. Good things come to those who check back later...

  10. When is a Longleaf Pines post going to be up? I want to hear how you did :)

  11. It is up now now now! Stupid work getting in the way of my blog posting....