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We Are Flying Solo

April 9, 2011

Time To Be Jealous Of The Contest Winners

That's right, the results are in from our bumper sticker drawing!

Each commenter's name was carefully cut out and placed in the official Bucket O' Possibilities. I explained the rules to Solo (no peeking and no swallowing!) and then lifeshighway presented him with the Bucket.

Solo took on his official duties with great focus and commitment.  Lifeshighway also made sure to close her eyes so as not to unfairly influence the outcome.

After I finished fishing slips of paper out of a mouthful of horse slobber, we discovered our winners!

Congratulations to Braffie of The Embarcadero, molly, and sumaclab!  Apparently Braffie had the tastiest one, sorry about the spit soaking...

Should you wish to claim your sticker, you need to email me at the address on the right so I know where to send it.  As a winner, I fully expect you to supply me with a picture of the sticker stuck to something cool (foreheads and horse butts count)!

Should you decide there just isn't room in your life for a sticker this fabulous, please contact me and let me know and I can save it for a later contest or do a redraw.

Thank you so much to all of you who participated; I am, in all honesty, shocked and delighted that you entered and that you share a part of your day with Solo and me. Solo implored me to let him choose more, as he shamelessly loves all of his internet friends.

Up next...I'll give you a hint: (1) helmet cam + (2) today's trail of choice.


  1. Ahhhh!!! So exciting!! I will be proudly rocking my Solo sticker on my Nalgene which follows me everywhere.

  2. Cool! what a good entry you got! Solo did a great job.

  3. I'm so excited!!! Thanks Solo for picking me!!!

    I can't decide whether to put it on little jeep or the laptop. I'm sure hubby will vote laptop, since he's paranoid about little jeep's glossy green paint. I'm leaning that way too, so that I can have some shiny equine awesomeness with me during the long horseless hours of school!

  4. Still waiting to hear from Braffie. Chime in, girl, if you want to claim your sticker!

  5. YAAYYYY!!
    Send it on up to Canada eh!!

  6. Sorry - I was blog neglecting this weekend...hubby was home and he had my undivided attention...

  7. Psssh, hubby -- like that could POSSIBLY be more important than horse stuff????! ;-P

  8. HEY!!! you were suppose to just take my hands and Solo's head. There will be repercussions.

    That is the most unflattering picture in the entire world, therefore you laughed your head off.

    Oh, you will pay.

  9. Hey, the lens sees what the lens wants to see. I actually was thinking, damn, I wish my hair was that cooperative when I took off my helmet...