May 14, 2011

Post Game

We have officially completed our first outing at Training Level!  It was our favourite local venue, who hosted a schooling show with a Combined Training option (dressage and stadium only).


(1) WE WON FIRST PLACE. In our division which consisted ROFL. I let the organizer keep the ribbon for later use.

(2) We scored our lowest score on a single dressage movement ever! Yes, that is a big "3" for the right lead canter depart. Or as Solo translated it, the leaping, twisting buck that led to cross canter that led to running trot which finally culminated in a right lead. I figured I better just sit there until he sorted his shit out. The rest of our canter work was equally craptastic. Apparently accidentally feeding Solo two breakfasts was not the best idea.

(3) Solo DEFINITELY knows he is an event horse. After dressage, we met with our saddle fitter to work on dressage saddle. Solo kept gazing wistfully at the cross country field and finally blew a big bucking tantrum during my trial ride because I ALREADY DID DRESSAGE, IT'S TIME FOR JUMPING, DAMMIT. Amazing how he suddenly became totally calm once I started putting the jumping boots on...

(4) 3'3" stadium jumping is not a problem for Solo. He only pulls rails when his pilot forgets to properly ride the jump. 4 penalty points for me.

(5) I need to do two dressage tests at horse trials. While our test had moments of ok-ness (hey, we figured out how to make centerline "relatively straight"), our dressage saddle trial ride AFTER the test was simply awesome, complete with fantastic trot extensions and transitions. Sigh. To do #457: add mini-test to warmup routine.

Overall, I think the CT served its purpose well, pointing out the spots I need to ride better. Solo jumped really well again, which I am beyond thrilled about. I even used the studs since the ground was wet and I know that venue has slippery clay hiding beneath. Lesson: road studs are NOT enough for lots of grass and clay.

Tomorrow: clean things AGAIN. Plan. Maybe write stuff on the calendar and erase it and write different stuff. Fantasize winning blue ribbon in VA and then laugh at hubris. Fantasize completing VA with a qualifying score for Training 3-Day and pat self for realistic goal. Find someone to talk to other than weird self.


  1. Congrats!!
    Maybe you need a "pretend" show ring at each event, where you ride your test exactly as you will in the real ring. Totally psyche Solo out! ;-)

  2. I'll have to talk to the organizers, Frizz, and see if they will set up a fakey ring just for me and Solo.

  3. Sounds like you guys kicked ass :) Congrats.

  4. Awesome! Glad to hear that he knows what the real job is.

  5. Thanks, Dom, we sure kicked our own ass!

    Barbara, that's right, he doesn't want to waste any more time with any namby-pamby dressage business!

  6. Congrats! Solo is officially a Training horse!

  7. Yay a 3! But you still don't have Gogo beat... she's gotten a 2 before.... more than once! On the same test where she has also scored a 9! BEAT THAT! ;)

  8. Yay!!

    I don't really have other words. Solo is great.

  9. Hahaha, thanks!

    LOL, Andrea, I'm not sure we can string a 2 and a 9 together!