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We Are Flying Solo

June 3, 2011

Yay, I Love Spending Money!

Did you notice the sarcasm font?

Oh, Solo.

See, I get a little crazy when I can't ride. Ok, I get a lot crazy. I get all balled up inside like a coiled up spring in a too-small container, all bursting at the edges with frustration and other pent-up emotions.

I longed Solo last night and got some beautiful work at the trot and canter. He fought me a bit on the left lead canter, but this isn't unusual.

I had to get on him tonight. I HAD to. I'd tried to ride in the dressage saddle on Wednesday, but it hurt too much. So I hopped on bareback this evening. Not too bad. Definitely able to do more than with feet in stirrups, thank goodness. Don't tell my orthopedist. Hey, it's gotta be lower impact than walking!

A few transitions, ok, everything feels pretty good. Let's do a couple little jumps.

The bugger stopped. S.T.O.P.P.E.D. Twice. We rode through it (Damn, you stick good when you're jumping bareback. It's funny how having no options will improve your position in a heartbeat!) but I'm not happy.

This horse is not a stopper. Yeah, he stopped at VA, he was tired, those were looky jumps, ok. But a crossrail? Uh-uh. Something's not right. I can play mental games and say, well, last time he jumped, I fell off and we had to walk out of the ring so maybe it messed with his head a little.

Maybe. But that's an awfully complex argument. And it's a CROSSRAIL. And his left lead canter did feel a little funny and resistant.

So next on the agenda, after checking tomorrow to see if there is ulcer pain (psssh, not like he's had any stress in the past week of doing...nothing) call Dr. Bob on Monday and have him check everything out. Whee. Hey, why the hell not, I'm already paying my own medical bills, why not throw a vet bill in for good measure!!

I love horses. I swear. I do. Really.

Hey, at least Pete and Solo are enjoying themselves.


  1. Cute vid!

    Stopping at a crossrail does sound suspicious. I hope everything turns out alright though.

    On a happier note for me... I finally got a horse to lease with the hopes of doing my very first horse trial by the end of July at the latest. I hope it works out. It would be so great to actually get to experience it instead of just reading and dreaming about it.

  2. Had you ever jumped Solo bareback before? I know my mare rides differently bareback. She is really cautious and it's hard to get her to do more than a pitty pat jog. It's as if she can feel me sliding around a bit and tries to stay under me. The first time I asked her to canter bareback she was like "What???" Maybe Solo was just reacting to feeling of you gripping with your legs and seat? It's got to feel really different to them. Just a thought. If not, hopefully it turns out to be nothing serious.

  3. Calling Dr. Bob is probably a good precaution.

    That said, do you ride bareback often? (I can't remember.) Izzy hates bareback and is reluctant to move out when I do it. It's probably because it's not terribly comfortable for her and I'm precariously perched.

    However, she still lunges fine... fingers crossed for you guys.

  4. Amanda -- CONGRATS!! So very exciting and I hope hope hope y'all get to go for a gallop!

    And yup, I have ridden Solo bareback plenty of times before and jumped him bareback as well. Mr. Shiny never does anything for no reason -- neither is he preternormally concerned with my wellbeing so methink Dr. Bob is getting another sizeable chunk of my already invisible paycheck...

  5. Yes, but Solo is such an adorable fuzzy little black-hole-for-money! And, hey, I'm probably gonna have to start selling organs/blood to pay for Salem! :-)

  6. Spending money is the one sure thing with horses. I hope it isn't serious.

  7. Frizz, no one REALLY needs two kidneys anyway!

    We'll find out Tues, UOAE!