December 6, 2011

In Which I Discover I Have Jinxed Myself

My blankets are fabulous, I said.  My blanket never tear, I said.  Waaahhhhhh....

Yes, Solo saw fit to once again stomp my dreams to dust (ok, I might be a little dramatic). Twice, in fact. This was his attack:

Encore wears blanket. Solo bites Encore. Blanket loses.

The carnage.
That is Solo's blanket, the trusty 5-year vetran of Carolina winters.  Torn asunder by vengeful teeth.  I guess Solo did not like the fact that Encore was wearing his clothes.  Fortunately, I have exquisite seamstress skills.  In fact, I think I should probably quit my job now and become a plastic surgeon.

The repair.
Stop laughing.

It gets worse.  Solo, apparently still seething with rage, also exacted his punishment on Encore's new blanket a day later, so I had to mangle fix that with my peerless needlework.  The seam is sealed with my tears of sorrow for the disfigurement of blanket loveliness.  

They are generally so peacefull out there.  Everyone has been blanketed up with nary a problem.  What, did someone start a fiery debate about politics out there?  Thanks so much, guys. 


  1. Mad Skillz!!!!

    May I also suggest, since (irregardless of your dainty feminine stitching) the rip is now vulnerable to moisture:

  2. Oh ponies. It could be worse.... the blanket is still Duct Tape free!

  3. Oh No! I had such hope for Encore's new blanket... I mean it was shiny. And new. And navy blue.

    Come on, Solo! Give your mom a break!

  4. Blankets are so heartbreaking! I've been shopping online for a new one and every time I think about splurging and spending a little extra, I think about how my horse treats everything...stomping, biting, dragging...I comfort myself that at least they can't harm the saddle pads and polos.

  5. SP, dare you imply that my tear-sealed seams are not waterproof? ROFL! Thanks for the link though!

    Kate, you do have a point about the tape.

    Ash, me too -- I felt sure that shiny AND blue would last forever. Snif.

    Cindy, keep those pads safe!

  6. Maybe if you tell them that blanket repairs come out of their treat allowance, they'll reconsider?

    And, your mad sewing skillz are awesome! You can also reinforce the torn area with webbing ( You can buy it by the yard at most fabric stores. Just sew it on top of the torn area - seems to help prevent the blanket from re-snagging. Besides, you can get it in fun colors and if you use enough, it sort of looks like trim... ;)

  7. Ooo, this is a good idea too. Bookmarked!

  8. All I am feeling right now is relief. When I saw that headline over at my blog (shameless plug!, I immediately pictured Solo hunched up, stiff and miserable again... don't scare me like that! :-( So I'm sorry about your blankets, but glad that's *all* it is.

    I think your repair work is fine but y'know, they say "everything is better with duct tape!" Maybe judiciously applied to the backside? Another alternative would be sail tape. That stuff is killer strong and even comes in a nice variety of colors (available at boating supply stores).

  9. Oh, so sorry to have startled you, RW! Completely unintended!

    Sailing tape is a good idea too though; so many good suggestions here! Y'all are fantastic, I love you!

  10. If all these great ideas aren't working so well, you can always give this a try:

    I saw this blanket and immediately thought of you! The model horse is even so close to Solo! Has he been moonlighting as an equine model without filling us in? ;)