March 12, 2012

I'll Almost Fill You In

My entire body and brain is tired, but I promise many media are coming.  There are photos to be cropped and videos to be uploaded and it all takes time.

I do want to say one thing immediately:  THANK YOU.

Thank you to the volunteers -- I try to be one whenever I can and I think it's a fantastic job, but it's also a long day(s).  I was happy to see some of the jump judges chowing down on a really good lunch, so good job, CHP, for taking care of your peeps.

Thank you to mum -- none if it would be possible without you.  Having an extra pair of hands for the weekend was an extra bonus!

Thank you to everyone who stopped and said hi, sent a text, or wrote a note of encouragement.  Each one is so special and unexpected to me, it makes it all that much more fun to know that Encore is sharing his journey.  A shout-out to Alana and Ryan, I wish I could have had more time to talk!

Thank you to the atmosphere, which gave us two perfect, Carolina blue days in the sandhills. 

As for the event itself, well, you will just have to be a little patient with me.  I'll give you some hints:

Our dressage test was much better than two weeks ago, but would have been even better if I had listened to a friend...

Our stadium round was nearly flawless, until...

Our cross country run was, as it always is for me, an exercise in pure awesomeness, but there's a funny story about a ditch....

I will say that I was THRILLED with the way Encore handled himself, it's amazing to watch a horse who spent three years racing take in a whole new scene so professionally.  Any and all mistakes were rider error, we crossed the finish flags on XC clean and clear within 18 seconds of optimum time, and a month from'll see us back at the Horse Novice.

For now, it's all between Encore and the giraffe...


  1. Congrats! Glad you and Encore had a very successful outing! I love OTTBs because they seem to always rise to the occasion. Eagerly awaiting the pictures/video!

  2. Sounds like a fun learning experience, and a good outing, for both of you!

    And those look like horse-eating giraffes to me...

  3. Wooo Encore!!! So proud of you guys! Wish I had more time to chat/watch :( looking forward to lots of pics and videos!!!

  4. "Whhhheeeeeeeee!" <--- That's my impression of what I imagine you were saying whilst taking Encore around that XC course. Congrats on another great outing! :-D Sounds like Encore is doing a great job of stepping up to his new job.

  5. Frizz, I think you hit it spot on. :-D

  6. Can't wait to hear the rest!! It so fun to watch you two fly along.

  7. I loved meeting your mom! She was so very sweet, we actually chatted while you were walking stadium. yeah, those giraffes and flamingos were eye catching! I was score runner, and I can say you had by far the nicest judge who also gave the best feedback, so hopefully all that feedback will help you out!
    The boy ate my lunch on xc, he lurved it! I was judging fence 12, I think I have a pic of you guys I can send you if I remember, BN went good, but on N loads of riders got eliminated at my fence bc they jumped the BN fence instead. I felt so bad for them, one of them was in 2nd place!
    And I can tell you had afternoon ride times. 7:30 on Saturday was really friggin cold!!!!!!!!

  8. Oh, it was you who came up to mum! Yes, she is very nice!

    My dressage judge was Sue Smithson, who I have worked with when I volunteer up at Waredaca for Training 3-Day. She is a PHENOMENAL judge, probably one of the best in the country and is really really great. I love her and was happy to have her feedback on my test.

  9. I just HAD to cheat and look at the final results!!!! I cant wait to hear about your weekend :P

  10. Ahhh! Tease!!! The giraffe!!!

  11. Arrrrg! I wanna hear the rest of the story!

    But looks like you guys had a great outing. Can't wait to hear more.


  12. I am SWAMPED at work and having to travel this weekend again. But I'm trying to get all the media uploaded so I can write the real post from any location!!