April 15, 2012

Why Not A 5 Day Weekend And A 2 Day Workweek?

I vote for that instead.

The Horses:  

Encore radiographed clean on Friday *HUUUUUGE sigh of relief* and was pronounced "He Who Hath Excellent Bone Density" by Dr. Brian.  He is on another course of antibiotics because there is still a little fluid pocket around the wound and slight fill in the ankle/tendon.  But it looks a little better every day.  No more bandages, just the daily bute/abx and tomorrow, I'm going to hold my breath and get on him.

Solo got his huge, shiny butt ridden today -- I think he will always be lopsided (not that he ever was NOT) because of the scar tissue in his back and his weakness there, so the bulge to the left is just default now.  I correct every second stride or so, along with constant reminders that locking the left side of one's jaw is not allowed.  I have begun to let him jump about 2' and under -- he is so terribly excited to jump again that he locks and goes, overjumps dramatically, flings his head in the air and tries to take off at a XC gallop every time.  Mr. Shiny may get his martingale and jumping bit back after all...

The Weekend:

Yes, it is Longleaf weekend, my favourite event of the year.  And I WILL pack up my trailer and my OTTB and we WILL go to the Carolina Horse Park on Friday.  Because the cruelty of eventing is that you can't get your money back.

The Plans:

Plan A:
We do the world's most expensive dressage test on Saturday and then withdraw and volunteer for a while before heading home Saturday evening.

Plan B:
We do dressage, check the leg, if it looks clean and tight, we run XC.  Cold wrap leg and standing wrap it overnight and if he jogs out tight in the morning, move on to SJ.

Plan C:
We do dressage and if leg does not look perfectly tight, we have a chat with Ground Jury to see if we can skip XC and just CT-it by show jumping on Sunday for the schooling experience on level footing.

Plan D: 
None of my plans will go according to plan and I just wing it, tottering about CHP on my bike with my bright orange milk crate while my brain chases its tail trying to figure out what to do.

The Added Bonus:

No matter which plan actually occurs, I still get to use the New Totally Awesome Horse Organizer's Dream Box.  Check it:

It starts like this.  Boots added for scale.  TFS sticker added for coolness.
Then it does this, like a fishing tackle box.
That's right, my OCD friends, just remember
to wipe up your drool.

Of course, I have to make it our own.
 Not only that, but it has a retractable handle like a suitcase.  And wheels.  WHEELS!  And you can lock every section.  Can you just step away and let me and the box have a few minutes alone together in the tack room....


  1. Good luck with your many plans! I'm rooting for Plan B.

    And I love the box!!

  2. What?! How have I not seen that fine piece of organizing genius before now. Dayamn. (will be googling asap)

    I vote for plan B! (and five day weekends) ;)

  3. Good luck with your show.
    Oh my goodness I love the trunk. Love it!

  4. You had me at wheels... WANT.

    Solo will be perfect. You will be perfect. Can't wait for the videos!

  5. Glad to hear about the clean x-ray!

  6. good luck with the leg! Sending good vibes down to you :)

    LOVE the trunk, where did you get it??

  7. *Boom!*

    That was my little OCD brain exploding. A little special space for ALL the things?! Bliss!

    Definitely rooting for Plan B. Sending majikal fairy dust healing vibes to Encore's legs!

  8. OMG BOX OF AMAZINGNESS!!! It's like my Stanley trunk, but ever so much more so. I am impressed.

    I think you missed the most likely plan E: you pack up, haul there, have some sort of magical truck adventure on your way, barely squeak in at midnight after handwalking Encore by the freeway, realize what a great horse he is all over again, and THEN WIN THE FREAKING HORSE TRIALS.

    That is what will happen.

  9. Oh god, SB, I hate you right now for even suggesting that. But it wouldn't happen because that is why I have USRider!

    Thanks for all the good wishes.

    And if you want a box to try and be as awesome as us...visit your local Home Depot.

  10. Sweet jesus thats a beautiful trunk thing.
    I almost snorted when I read "worlds most expensive dressage test"
    hope all goes well!

  11. Look at that box!!!!! Amazing! I agree with 5 day weekends.

  12. Did I count four tiers!

    Five-day weekends, all the way.

  13. Where is that box from!!!!?????

  14. Val, there are three tiers (the bottom one is deep enough for spray bottles, how is that NOT designed for horse people???) - but the top tier is a tub with a lift out brush box type tray nested on top, like a tack truck. And it has little places in the tray where you can keep all the little things you lose like bit keepers and batteries and pens.

    Chelsea, see my above comment for the rainbow which leads to the pot holding the Magic Awesome Box

  15. Oooh, is it this one?


  16. Yup, Sarah, that is it. The only thing I did is spray a bunch of WD40 on the drawer slides and lube it up good before I started using it, because the metal slides were a little catch-y at first. Now it slides like a beauty.