July 28, 2012

Can I Make The Impossible Possible?

This is how it goes:

Monday I am getting ready for field work, fixing the stuff broken in last week's field work, or driving to field work.

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, I am usually DOING field work on travel status, which means I am in a hotel somewhere in the economic wasteland (but gorgeous rivers) that is the coastal plain of our state.

Friday, I'm fixing the stuff we broke this week and planning and coordinating staff for the next week.

Saturday, I am exhausted and it is 102 degrees, but I stuff myself into the truck and drive north to ride Encore.  Since he hasn't been ridden in a week, I have to somehow wear him out before I can do anything focused (I have discovered the round pen is very helpful because he HAS to balance or he will fall). 

Sunday, he is much more rideable but I am tired of sweating, even though the temperature has dropped to a balmy 99.  Nevertheless, I truck up and try to do something worthwhile.

I ache to ride Solo too, but what little time I have must be devoted to the youngster.

Because we WILL have a fall season, SO HELP ME COD, because my knee surgery (thank YOU, VA Horse Trials 2011) is scheduled for November 16th (just after the Adult Team Challenge in VA, how fitting) and after that I will not be able to walk until mid-January and it will be 8 months to full recovery if I don't explode first.

Encore needs a schedule (which I can't give him) and I need to build his hind end, especially his left hind, which is still a bit weaker and tight from his pre-injection body habits.  We've made some progress; our dressage lesson today "showed a nice Second Level trot" and because the arena had not been mowed, Mr. Finicky Legs passaged over the 10 inch tall weeds while I laughed at him.  I guess that's one way to get hock action...

Blogging:  EPIC FAIL.  Unless you want to hear about all the fish I can't find because they have somehow vanished.  Who would have thought that the rivers had changed since the last records of the species 50 years ago?  Oh wait...

On the plus side, in November I will have time to write the series I have been saving in my head that I think you will enjoy.  Since I will not be able to do anything else.  Although I have already decided that sitting on a lazy, retired horse is a non-weight bearing activity....


  1. Welcome to my life. I don't even have time to think, sleep, or eat... and when I do have time, I am too exhausted and overheated to do any of those things.

  2. OH how frustrating for you!!!! I bet the youngster enjoys not havng to work through the week though ;)

  3. It's so hard, isn't it, Andrea? I swear, if I was just purely stubborn I would give up. But it's like this every year. Usually the horses just get the summer mostly off, but with impending surgery, greenie WILL be educated!

    Nina, I don't think Encore minds at all, LOL. Solo does give me a sad eyes begging for attention though; he's an expert at the guilt technique.

  4. After my second knee surgery (and in a full leg cast) I walked around on my friend's sweet schoolmaster and called it non weight-bearing. I say go for it! I will warn you that getting on and off was... interesting....

  5. Wow, that has to be frustrating! I just had my third knee surgery a month ago to remedy a torn ACL from falling off a mounting block. First ACL surgery was a bust and they had to go back twice to make things right. Now that I am finally pain free two years later I am trying to reteach myself to use my body correctly, but can't seem to find the time to do it!

  6. Hey, no problem, I already have plenty of practice getting on and off the right side over the years -- especially last spring and summer when the leg was still fractured!

  7. I feel you. Up here in south east VA its either too hot, or raining.

    Last spring(in the middle of eventing season no less) I broke my ankle in a serious way(surgery, permanent hardware) I couldn't even get near my horse(not manuverable enough to get out of the way quickly) for five months.

    I say go for the sitting on Solo if he'll be quiet enough. Couldn't do it with either of mine.

  8. Let me guess, you can find plenty of Asian carp, but you don't want to find those guys. It must be terribly disheartening to watch biodiversity decrease. I am disheartened by it and almost nobody cares, which makes it worse.

    You are a real trooper driving back and forth like that. It will be worth it later on even if it is exhausting now.

  9. I'm now depressed about fish and rivers :(

    And also, I know what you mean- crazy crazy schedule when you've got horses.

  10. Awww, sorry, lyndz. It's not all sad stories, but this year sure is. No one in the general public gives a flip, but we keep some things hanging in there anyway.

    Dang those carp! But really, the catfish and the buffalo...oh and the people...are my nemesis!