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We Are Flying Solo

December 5, 2012

Solo's Infamy Makes Leap Across The Pond!

Check it out!  We are the Equestrian Blog of the Day on Haynet, the UK's social blogging  network for equine and country-like folks!  Woohoo!  Don't forget to enter their Christmas contest to win a great pair of boots so you can tromp around in your mud European style.  There is also a great "Agony Aunt" column where you can write your very own "Dear Abby, my horse is naughty...." letter as well as a forum and a place to network your own blog into the young and rapidly growing web.  Subscribe to the newsfeed, like them on Facebook and generally click like it's 1999 (omg, I just dated myself).  Thank you, Haynet for the shout out!


  1. You can do that? It seems like cheating somehow. Congrats regardless!

  2. How freaking cool?!?! That's awesome - congrats!

  3. Sadly, this was the post that Haynet chose to link when Val and I had our moment in the sun....

  4. SB, do what? Awww, Val, that is just wrong, ROFL! Well, at least people could get to your blog and then pick other posts.