March 29, 2013

Happy Happy Happy Sad

I have a few more Becky insights to share with you, but to share the most recent reason why only crazy people own horses:

I did our first home long lining session on Saturday and although it took a bit for me to get sorted out, I got some REALLY nice trot work from Encore!  Happy!

Solo and I warm up at Tamarack in 2009.
Monday, after being very patient and positive and ignoring all his silly head flinging and eye-bugging on a cold, windy day, we finally settled into a dressage school and he was connected, moving over his back, and just generally awesome!  Happy!

I noticed on Monday that his left lead canter felt quite disjointed, but I attributed it to post-training muscle soreness and gave him some bute and a few days off.  No problem, a little rest and we can still go visit the Emersons' lovely farm in Southern Pines, Tamarack Hill, for their fantastic schooling HT series (if you haven't, you should go, EXCELLENT courses, Denny and his wife, May really make it a welcoming, educational experience for the horses).  Still sticking with happy...

Today I got on for an evaluation ride so I could make sure he was ok before spending diesel money and getting up at 4 am.  NOT ok.  I have the horse I had a year ago and my gut says he needs his back re-injected.  He is stiff, running around on his forehand, stumbling behind, and very anxious about his back.  Naturally...because we have already entered Longleaf.  And we definitely won't be heading south tomorrow, I will not run him when I know he is uncomfortable; it's a waste of time and money and will only jeopardize future outings.  Sad.

Post-XC Tamarack 2009 -- yeah, it was that good.
On the plus side, I called Tamarack to scratch him and May was very, very kind and generous and has offered to send us some entry money back, which is unheard of in eventingland, yet is like water in a desert to this house of poverty!  Thank you, Emerson peoples!  I am very sorry that I won't get to run their course but I hope we'll get to support their efforts in the future and oh, did I mention, YOU SHOULD GO!  There is another one on April 13th. 

Countdown to Monday morning and call Dr. Bob.  Already emailed the NCSU vet school orthopedist who worked on Encore almost a year ago.  Of course I did.  Sigh.  I don't mind the maintenance at all, but it would be a little less brain-exploding if it had been mentioned that we might need to repeat when there are big changes in strength and fitness...


  1. Sorry to hear you aren't going, but yay you got some money back!

  2. Thanks, LW -- it was surprising indeed, I was so caught off guard, I didn't even know what to do but blubber THANK YOU!

  3. oh that is too bad. What is up with his back?

  4. UGH! So sorry to hear that - glad they were super nice to return your money. Good luck.

  5. Well, that sucks. :-/ Mr. Murphy certainly has been bitch-slapping you on a regular basis, hasn't he?

    Have you ever considered using Pentosan? I used it on my old guy Mac in conjunction with coffin joint injections and it made a HUGE difference. Unlike Adequan, the loading dose is only one shot a week for a month (so it ends up being less $$) and unlike Legend it is IM so you can give it yourself. It's used in dogs and horses extensively in Australia, but is only approved for use in humans in the US. But lots of vets are seeing what great results it can achieve and will prescribe it off-label. It might help those back injections hold a little longer. Just some food for thought!

  6. Thanks!

    Theresa, he's got some arthritic changes, a type of kissing spine, in his lower back that we injected last year. It's very common in ridden horses, some are just not symptomatic. It's really not that hard to manage, especially as I've learned a lot more in the last couple days, LOL. Steep learning curve though!

    Frizz, most commonly with this type of back stuff, it does well as long as you keep it strong and doesn't seem to require additional chemicals. Vets recommend support with acupuncture and/or shockwave. We just happen to have a great acupuncturist who just happened to be at the farm today. :D

  7. Sorry to hear about Encore's back! I hope you get it sorted out again soon. I really wanted to go to Tamarack for the starter course but its just a touch too far away. But luckily we have River Glen in Tennessee less than an hour down the road, so I schooled the whole BN course and feel confident to enter our first show in April!

    And thanks so much for sharing all of your Becky insights. I was lucky to get to see her and Comet at the AECs last year and they were amazing. Also, I started doing what you said about just holding your outside rein steady with an opening inside rein and inside leg leg leg until the horse figures it out- and what do you know, it does actually work, if your patient and let them figure it out. :) So I REALLY appreciate you sharing all that you've learned!

    Also, your position looked fantastic in your videos. FANTASTIC! And Encore is quite the talented jumper :)

  8. Thank you, lyndz and so glad you got to try the exercise. It's very cool when they figure it out and soften! And congrats on a successful schooling -- if you change your mind, Tamarack is worth the drive! ;-P

  9. The ncsu people are the best! Sorry to hear you can't go though :(

  10. I don't have my own trailer! :'( First thing I'll be buying when I get a job out of law school.... one more year left! Otherwise, I'd get up and drive myself :) But currently, I'm at the mercy of whoever will take me.

  11. Trust me, the trailer is worth its weight in gold!

  12. well, I'll also need a truck... but hey, pocket change ;)


  13. Meh, you already own a horse. Surely you are not under the delusion that you get to actually HAVE any money?

    Best advice I can give you: don't underbuy on truck. I did it for several years. I would never go back and I can't get back the money it cost me. Hold out for heavy duty!