June 1, 2013

A "Top Of The Line" Look You Can Sport Too!

While I organize my pictures from our amazing trip, I thought I'd give you something else pretty to look at!

Long, long ago in a galaxy far, far away (hee), our good friend Meghann over at From Wingman To Witching Hour started making us a beautiful browband for Encore to wear while making dazzling leaps.  I will admit, I was skeptical at first -- the whole sparkly browband thing is not me and I prefer to let the horse shine for itself.

But then we started talking about design and colour (no glitter!) and I got excited.  Turns out, rightly so:

I really can't convey how nice it is in person -- the leather is lovely (nicer than my free bridle, ROFL) and the beadwork is painstakingly sublime.  It's a very complicated weave that takes something like 60 feet of wire (I don't know, I just remember it was a huge number!) and many many hours.  After much rummaging about, we managed to find just the right shades of blue, just the right amount of subtle accent, and it makes my darling boy look even cuter!

Iz not impressed with ur cameraz.
Since I know you now want to GET YOUR OWN from the amazing and wonderful Meghann, you can find her at Topline Leather on Facebook.  Her presentation is beautiful -- it arrived in the mail in a gorgeous ribbon bag with a handwritten note and a SURPRISE matching bracelet.  We rocked them both around Longleaf HT 2013 and the always incredible Brant Gamma got the perfect shot for Meghann (complete with awesome dork-face)!

Used with permission because Brant and her partner, Pete, rule!!
Thank you so much, Topline Leather, we are thrilled with our swanky accessories and will happily parade them about!  Everyone else...get yours today! 


  1. Thanks!!! Meghann did a fantastic job!

  2. ERMAGERD!!! Team Cuna South has their own custom browband person too!!!! I love them. Not seeing pricing anywheres. I assume not cheap for those of us not flying solo?

  3. Thank you for such a nice review, Brena! I very much enjoyed working with you and having all of our goofy, off-the-wall discussions, lol. And Encore looks uber-handsome in his new semi-sparkly tiara! :-)

    SB, I'm still figuring out pricing and the whole business end of things. These browbands each have around 25 feet of beading wire and several hundred crystals/beads each, so obviously making them costs me a lot more than the average single-strand browband (in both materials and time). For example, Brena's browband is half glass beads and half crystals--both Swarovski crystals and Czech crystals. There are about 144 Swarovskis alone!

  4. Ok. Keep us posted. They are beautiful.

  5. Very beautiful! I too have been on the fence about all the flashy brow bands but this is very lovely!

  6. Thanks -- she really made it super classy and I make up all kinds of excuses to use the jumping bridle, LOL!

    SB, I know, y'all's are neat too! I think the Cuna needs a get well soon wardrobe present, don't you? XD

  7. Okay, that's STUNNING. Perfect on him.
    Will be checking out the FB page...thanks for sharing!

  8. TLH, I think Hudson needs one so you can take more pictures of him -- HIS FAVOURITE ACTIVITY!