October 25, 2013

Waredaca On!

My spot for the day -- sun!  At Waredaca!!  Shock!!
Endurance day:  check!  Even though it was cool outside, I hope a lot of riders learned more about getting your horse physically fit.  I saw a lot of heavier-type horses and by the end of phase D, several were definitely DONE.  Remember folks, get OUT, do your road work and if you have a heavier WB or draft type horse -- THIS IS NOT JUST A HORSE TRIAL.  This, the long format, is true eventing and there is a reason, as much as I love my Solo, that TB's excel at this sport.  Aerobic fitness and endurance are critical, as is making sure your horse's legs and body have been exposed to all types of conditions and footings so you can literally be ready for anything!

A day in the finish timer's office
I also saw some truly LOVELY horses still raring to go when they crossed the finish flags, including a darling pony of Chincoteague ancestry and more than a few bright-eyed racehorses.  No rider injuries in either level, although we did pull 3 horses due to injury/veterinary issues, had one minor rider fall on steeplechase, and three Technical Eliminations. 

I've got to coordinate Stadium Jumping tomorrow, but most of the legwork got done this afternoon and we were able to organize most of our massive prize pile.  Now we've just got to get those riders through the ingate on time, out the other side safely, and decked out with loot so I can begin the long drive home.

It will be a close rumble for that blue neck ribbon tomorrow at both levels, but there are lots of great prizes all the way to 10th place!  Everything from gift cards to saddle pads to free electrolytes, ulcer products, ThinLine stirrup pads, and more.  Everyone gets my most coveted item (as long as they finish with a number score):  the 3DE completion ribbon.  We also have plenty of special awards, including Best Conditioned, Best Dressed for Jog, Highest Placing Adult Amateur, gorgeous engraved silver plates from MidAtlantic Horse Rescue for the highest place TB, and awesome tri-colour ribbons and duffel bags for each division's TIP winner (highest place OTTB).


Hey, there's a 71 year old lady with an adorable mini Solo, so I've still got time....


  1. Mini Solo?? Awwww. Sounds like fun--I wish something like this happened within 15 hours of me, lol.

  2. That sounds AWESOME!!!
    How do I contribute a prize for next year?! If you could pass my info along, that would be great.
    And I'm sure you and Encore will get there some day SOON! :-D

  3. Frizz, that would be really awesome! We usually get some super nice stuff from 5-star tack and USEA but we didn't have any tack stuff this year. I think that may have been a staffing problem though.

    Just remind me, oh, next September, we'd love to have you contribute a prize, that would be great!!!! Let your other vendor buddies know too, we also have another T/N/BN3DE in May in the Carolinas which is my personal favourite (it's warmer!).

  4. Hi! I just found your blog and it is awesome. I love your amazing story of how you and Solo found each other. I can't wait to follow you on more of your journeys!

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  6. Eventer, is that the Southern 8's HT? I know Libby from Higher Standards sponsored stuff there last year. I'm sponsoring two national titles @ Red Hills, and I would love to have a bit more of a presence in the eventing world, so I'm looking to do some more sponsorships.

  7. Thanks, Lauren!

    And yep, Frizz, that's it.