October 23, 2014

Thursday Thoroughbred Eye Candy

For your viewing pleasure, with thanks to exquisite fall morning light.
(I have no idea why they look blurry in post on my browser, but when clicked on, are sharp.)

Horse Portraits 23 Oct 2014 012 (Small)
Eeeee, dapples!  Yep, poor Encore, just another scrawny OTTB, hee...

Horse Portraits 23 Oct 2014 009 (Small)
Probably scoping out sharp objects...

Horse Portraits 23 Oct 2014 015 (Small)
I haven't even been working out lately

Excuse me, you're not leaving out the sexiest team member of all??
Horse Portraits 23 Oct 2014 021 (Small)
Solo appears satisfied that camera has found the correct subject

I wouldn’t dare.  And half-Thoroughbred still counts!
Horse Portraits 23 Oct 2014 027 (Small)
My most beloved face


  1. those are some good lookin horses!!

  2. I love Encore's mane right now :D

  3. Thanks! They are certainly proud of their naughty selves! Not sure why the pics are showing up a bit blurry on my monitor, but if I click on them they are sharp, so....computers... :/

  4. Handsome Boys :-) They really are beautiful!

  5. Its insane how much Encore has filled out...and how very much twinsies they are. Gorgeous!

    1. Thanks! I have been working very hard to get him fat before winter -- he burns so many calories...blinking!! Seriously, with all my awesome grass, he still gets 10 lbs of feed a day & a fat supplement when he's working & you can't hardly keep the weight on him!

      It is funny to me that people think they look alike because they are so different to me -- blaze vs. star, white legs vs. brown legs -- I guess it's the matchy sexy mohawks!