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We Are Flying Solo

August 9, 2015

We Jumped A Thing!

Seriously – a thing!!!  Ok, the word “jump” may be a tad strong:
If it looks like a jump & jumps like a jump...
But creativity is a Team Flying Solo credo, so two barrels my neighbour wasn’t using & old seine poles from work we’d replaced = all manner of jump-like constructs.

It simultaneously seems like years ago & last week that we were arcing around 3’3” courses under David O.’s sharp eyes, but yesterday…yesterday, a whoop of triumph escaped my fool’s grin as Encore neatly popped over a single crossrail that I’d optimistically call 2’6”.

Because it WAS a triumph!  Doubly so, because this post is a post!  I know many of you have been thinking, “Hey, didn’t there used to be, like, stories on this blog?
Yep.  I’m trying to figure out where they went, too.

Every Day For The Win!

From its birth, We Are Flying Solo has been about embracing & celebrating what defines horsemanship, no matter what the discipline/breed/age:  Baby Steps.  And they absolutely still count even if you are walking in impressions you’ve made before!

Best webcomic ever, by Natalie Dee
I’ve worked very hard to accomplish the proud label of “Slowest Rehab Ever,” between Encore’s healing stifles (yeah, pretty sure those were wayyyyy faster than me) & my own bewildered feeling of being shaken up inside a dark paper bag for the past year.  I was beginning to wonder if it was Over.

What?  I never claimed to have conquered Anxiety Girl, who gains astonishing power when combined with the habitual paranoia of horse ownership

Despite a rocky moment, where Encore refused the fence twice (90% rider mental hesitation & cursed spot of doubt), the third time was the charm (out, out damned spot! *literature nerd moment of awesome*).  And so were the two after that.

So when I dropped my stirrups & leaned down to wrap my arms around that generous horse’s neck, my murmur of, “Thank you, buddy!” consisted of everything in my heart.  Gifts so often arise as moments.  Moments shaped like hope.


  1. Hooray for jumping! Heck, even just being able to ride at all is a blessing. So glad you and Encore got to have some fun!

  2. congratulations! I haven't jumped a thing in years. :)

    "what need we fear who knows it when we can call our power to account"

    1. Indeed! Fortunately, things are always out there, they don't move very quickly, so one can hop them at one's leisure. ;)

  3. Love it love it! Way to take a step in sticking anxiety girl where she belongs.

  4. Replies
    1. Yep, that's exactly what it sounded like, LOL!

  5. yay for jumping the thing and forcing anxiety girl to cede a little more ground with every repetition!!

    1. Thanks! I actually think Encore felt a little surprised at himself, like "oh yeah, I remember what to do now, this is cool."

  6. Replies
    1. Thx! Uhh, I'm going to pretend we've repeated since then... :l

  7. I can soooo relate! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thanks for the empathy -- I think I might just change our name to "Team Shifting Baselines," heh...