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We Are Flying Solo

September 2, 2015

Obvious Riding, Obviously

A normal workday-& perfect metaphor for my life
It's been hard to write.  It's been hard to ride.  I'd guess all my fellow horse-bloggers understand the relationship between the two.

Added to the mayhem which is field season at work are repeated spins on the health care roulette wheel.  Only I can't seem to get the ball to land in a winning slot.  :/

We're still gathering data, but there is a glimpse of a silver lining, aka treatable things.  Which would be fantastic, as I'd love to, you know, get back to living my life?

Hence my offering of a consolation prize in the form of the ridiculously dorky photo feed now featured on our homepage.

There Was An Actual Dressage Thing, Though!

I have eked out some rides here & there.  Last weekend, Encore challenged my commitment to "I Will" during a brief dressage school.

As we began a few figures in the 20 x 40, my horse was tuning me out & going llama.  I got emotional:  I got frustrated.  Red flag that things were spiraling downhill.

Letting go:  possible!
But then I let go.

I paused to breathe & regroup my scattered bits of focus.  The trainer in my head firmly repeated, "Ride off your leg, let go of the death grip on your horse's face, BE PATIENT."

We rode centerline & diagonals & I focused on staying soft.  I focused on supporting with my seat & core.  And I waited.

Patience Is The Hardest Part

I just kept riding as correctly as possible & around the third or fourth repetition...I felt Encore start to trust.  He was trusting forward & trusting that I would not suffocate the energy flow with my hand.

As we turned across each successive diagonal, I felt his trot lift & push from behind.  And lo & behold, correct worked.

Maybe I should try that more often.
Never too much Grumpy Cat


  1. It's so hard to let go and just ride correctly, especially when the rest of your life is taxing your mental state.

    1. Yes, I find this whole 'dealing with real life' thing quite irksome. :I

  2. I feel like I have those "obvious riding" moments almost every day! Ride correctly, and your horse will go correctly. Seems simple, but it isn't! Hugs for you, sounds like life is crazy right now. <3

    1. The Woff is truly spot on whenever he says, "It may be simple, but that doesn't mean it's easy! "

  3. I for one love the phot feed and that you're on Instagram now! MOAR PONEH PICS!

    1. LOL, thanks! I'm glad I can at least offer something entertaining as a result of having to carry around this dumb phone the size of a brick!

  4. ugh patience is the hardest.... so worth it tho!

    1. What? Oh sorry, your comment was so long, I couldn't wait until the end so I skipped ahead (in my head that's an awkward joke, LOL).