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We Are Flying Solo

December 29, 2009

Pop Quiz, Hotshot

A holiday visit to the parent's house found me sorting through pictures of days past. So now, lucky you get to be regaled by my finds in posts to come!

Can you name these Thoroughbred legends I visited as an awestruck kid? Here are your hints:

Both were living in sweet muddy retirement at Claiborne Farm in Kentucky in the late 80's.

One, a brilliant chestnut with three white socks, built like a quarter horse but fast enough to have run his way into the history books. (One more hint: it's not Solo ;-)

The other a grey with a noble eye (whoever can ID this one gets MAJOR kudos).


  1. I'm pretty sure the first one is Secretariat... no clue on the second though. Is it a stallion as well?

  2. You are correct, Player 1!! Yes, the second is a stallion.

  3. From the movie "Speed". Oh, that's not what you asked, but I figured I'd throw out that useless trivia anyway.
    Still not sure of the second horse. None of the horses that I looked up were gray, or looked like they might turn gray. Any other hints?

  4. Hahaha, ok, you get the prize for "unasked question about title." I wish I had more hints -- the truth is, I don't know who he is, I was hoping an astute reader with a closet TB obsession might help me out!

  5. Oooooooooooooooooooh, it was a trick! I was thinking that unknown stallion number two was somehow related to Solo or something. I also spent more time than I'd like to admit looking at Claiborn Farm's history trying to find a gray stallion! There was a mare who was gray and big, but she died in 1977 or something like that.

  6. LOL, molly, I did too -- yes, there was a grey mare, Shenanigans, she was Ruffian's dam. But I couldn't find any grey stallions either, phooey! He must have been someone since mum took his picture! The only other ones I remember seeing that day were Mr. Prospector and Riva Ridge and both were bays, dangit!

  7. The first one is Secretariat - I got to visit him in 1989, the year he died, and got to stand next to him and pet him on the shoulder - he looked just as beautiful as he ever did in any picture and was very sweet tempered, unlike the horse I believe may be no. 2 - Spectacular Bid, I think, we also saw him but were told to stay well back as he would bite given the chance.

  8. Oh oh, you may be right! That sounds familiar! We have a winner!