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We Are Flying Solo

December 2, 2009

Rain, Rain Go Away

Not a good week so far.

Hand clawed up by flailing cat. Toe broken by leaping sofa (f@$%ing unruly furniture!). Winter riding earmuffs MIA on a cold cold night.


Toe does not affect riding. And motivates extra care to avoid being stepped on as pain would no doubt be redoubled.

Dressage schooling last night was ok. Quality of canter definitely improving. Still not much bendiness in that gait, but must focus on good, not always on bad. Must focus on good... Trot work was nice for the most part, with some good transition work. We are prepping for a combined training on Sunday. We did enter at Beginner Novice, I didn't feel QUITE ready to compete around a 2'11" stadium course as this is at a very fancy farm and I have a feeling they might set their jumps on the big side of 2'11".


It is raining AGAIN. I swear to god if I have to walk through mud one more time, I am going to just start jumping around and screaming incoherently. Just wait. It will happen. 8500 lbs of F250 are slowly sinking into my driveway at the house, despite my frenzied kicking of gravel beneath the tires.

Saturday night temps forecasted to be a whopping 25 degrees. So when we load up the trailers Sunday morning, not only will it be morning (a portion of evil all its own) but it will be colder than a polar bear's tail.

And my toe still hurts.


  1. Ouch! Sounds like you need to throw that couch in the round-pen and get him to respect your authority!

  2. Do you think it would still love me if I was so cruel as to chase it with a rope?

  3. Well, Solo still loves you even though you chase him with a whip, right? That couch needs to learn its place in the herd. Be the alpha mare!

  4. Solo has an ulterior motive -- I buy his food.

  5. I would definitely join up with that couch. Be the leader!!! Definitely do some groundwork with it to regain respect for personal space. You crack me up :)