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We Are Flying Solo

December 5, 2009


Finally! Got a picture last night of Solo being a big fat ham in our new bridle! Can I tell you how hard it is to work the camera with one hand while waving a carrot with the other hand while making sure Solo doesn't actually come GET the carrot and leave me with a giant picture of his nose?

It's hard.

I still have to surgically remove the flash loop and add some oil, but other than that, we are good to go! Anyone interested in an eBay bridle that looks like it came from a garage sale? But hey, it's black and it holds the bit in the horse's mouth!

That's right, you know you love me.


  1. Wow, he looks gorgeous!! I would be interested if I thought there was a chance it could fit my horse's gargantuan head. He wears WB size in everything & we're in the market for a new bridle!! Right now he's got a really unattractive crappy quality DRAFT HORSE bridle that I got from ebay for super cheap, but he neds an upgrade.

  2. Um, *needs* an upgrade. Haven't had enough coffee yet apparently.

  3. Haha, that's what my old one is, crappy eBay version. I am lovin' this new one!

  4. Beautiful! I bet you'll love it as much as I love mine. Take good care of it and it'll outlive you.

  5. Solo looks good in black. Beautiful.

  6. Thanks, lh and sumac! We can't all have free rhinestones fall from the sky via bridle fairies!