June 23, 2010

I Iz Not A Skool Horse

I iz a gallopy jumpy horse.  I iz a shiny shiny athleet.  Athleets do not do mundane things.  If'n you make me go round & round on the torture string, I will do my best impreshun of the Hunter Under Saddle shuffle. 

If'n you make me canter on the torture string, I will run back to my stall as fast as I can.  After all, there are treets & a nice wind-maker there.  NO torture strings to be found at all.


(Me back in)  Solo did in fact survive his school horse stint.  You see, since mum & I are going on our Grand Ecuador Adventure in September, mum has to get back in the practice of the whole sitting on the horse thing.  So Solo was assigned the simple task of complying with a longe lesson.  His most favouritest thing (insert sarcasm here). 

Despite his best shuffling, mum still managed to pull off a quite good demonstration of how to post properly (your hands don't keep you on the horse, people, don't post with them!).  I let her keep her stirrups, but I did take away the reins, so there was no temptation to balance on them.

Solo also wanted to make sure I did not forget how much he hates cantering on the longe line.  However, he did not succeed in escaping his duties & mum rode it out like a champ & proceeded to demonstrate that it IS like riding a bike -- once you're up there, it all comes back.


  1. Very cute - like his attitude!

  2. Your Mom is a champ. She didn't even look phased.

  3. Solo got owned by MOM!!! Way to sit mom! Good Job!

  4. Wow, Mum did GOOD. Nice posting, and great staying with Solo's protest!

    I'm also here to tell you our R & D department came up with a slightly less lame prize for winning the caption contests. At least we hope it's slightly less lame. Come pick yours up when you have time!

  5. Oh, so the talent runs in the family I see....lol!

  6. OMG, PruSki, you made me LOL!!!

    Mum did GREAT, she was all nervous and thought she was going to be terrible and wussy, but far from it! We went on a trail ride for about 1.5 hours the next day, quite hilly and HOTTT, so I think she'll whip Ecuador's butt!

    TLH, I did not think my prize was lame at all, but I will head on over and check out R&D!