June 5, 2010


It looks like the ATC's won't be held at Waredaca at the end of the summer after all.  The facility has conflicting scheduling.  Dammit, don't the organizers know that they are supposed to stick to what I have planned my year around??  (Just kidding, Gretchen, you are awesome -- but I still think you should kick the kids out and have a horse trial instead!)

The ATC's (Adult Team Challenge -- there's an east coast one and a west coast one) will now be opened up for bid to other locations.  Which may or may not be within reasonable shipping distance for me.  Which means I probably need to plan for a different recognized trial for the fall.  But it won't be the destination event that our ATC's are.  Waaahhh!  I'm going to go pout for a while.  Then I'm sure I'll get over it.  Eventually.

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