July 9, 2010

The Lines Are Open

While you're pondering what helmet you like so you are ready to snap one up tomorrow, I will let you know of a new addition to the Flying Solo blog:  Solo now has his very own email address at teamflyingsolo@gmail.com!  You can always click the envelope icon at the top right of the page to send us any questions you are too shy to post, comments you want to send straight to the source, or just greetings for Mr. Shiny Pants.

Solo has promised that he will respond promptly, although I warned him that summer is a very busy time for me and unless he plans to learn how to type with hooves, he'd better be patient if he wants me to transpose his special brand of wisdom.

Send us a line any time the urge hits you!

Small print: if you are snotty, obnoxious, or write to me in Chinese, be prepared to be ignored.  Sorry.  Well, not sorry really, but I still feel obligated to say it...

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